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be happy……

okay, okay….between sick kids, too much wind, heaping laundry and broken goldfish crackers all over my floor, i’m determined it’s all part of the big picture. no, not ‘that’ big picture….the one on my sink!!!!!! yes, arek drew a smile face with toothpaste on my bathroom sink yesterday. i just never know with that boy….anyway, how can i get mad. it’s hysterical!!!!
right when i think i’m going to have a melt down because i can’t keep up with my life, i see something like this and it brings me back down to earth. hee hee. zoey is still sick…sick, sick, sick. took her to the doctor and consensus…a virus. i think she probably got it from all the old crap i drag home from the goodwill bins. maybe her immune system will become bionic by the time she’s in kindergarten. anyway…here she is getting a tepid bath and mom poparazzi (sp) in her face!
here’s looking at you….pitiful.
looking just like her father!! those eyes.
hope she feels better soon!!! arek feels just fine! at least he isn’t sick. maybe a little crazy….
arek scream
but not sick.
and of course….what is a day without some bling!!! i had to go towards the goodwill to take zoey to the doctor. does that mean i had to go and do a bit of shopping……????? oh, okay. i couldn’t resist. she slept and rested in the backpack…close to me…nice and toasty and i scrambled thru bins like they were giving away free homes.
love the necklace…..hated the bold, 80’s gold, so i spray painted it black!! nice and chic!!
also found this great old tray and all the goodies on it…paid $2.00 for all of it (with the exception of the pearl necklace and flower pin) !! i have plans for the tray, i have plans for both vases and the rest will get all cleaned up and go to the booth!!
also found these great linens and pillow. i love this shabby little pillow. so sweet.
pillow linens
found some other goodies too that i will paint and what not. show them as i finish them.
i found this sweet little vintage paper image on flickr. i just love it.
so be
easy for me to say. i’ll try to remember this when i carrying zoey all the way to arek’s school in the crazy wind while she moans and leans on me luggage. who needs the gym when you have a toddler to tote…
happy thoughts….


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sick baby day…..

as if the texas wind isn’t enough, the allergy problems folks have here are outrageous too! arek and zoey included!! to make a long story short, i thought zoey had allergy issues, but she’s sick!! she battled a fever the entire day and i finally just got her 102+ temp down!! if it spikes again and i can’t get it down, i’ll need to swing her by the ER. fun. i think the two of us will be napping a bit tomorrow. arek’s having sleeping issues as well. we are all pretty pooped! but at least we have a cozy fire….well it looks lame in this pic, but you can blame that on the gas line going into the fireplace!! not my firebuilding skills. hee hee. i have the fire turned down low….
looks like arek has a mouth full of coal.
not much else to report. i’m tired and i need to go to sleep!! american idol was funny.
i picked up a couple of bargains today…..a stack of super cute shabby linens….
a fab towel from germany that looks like a giant tattoo!! about 50¢.

a few more goodies….cute wire water can, fab silver shaker, elegant silverware, cute towels and some other goodies as well.
sally bling
and a super cute little bug arek made in art class today….i love it!! my fave colors…shabby pink and yellow.
little bug
it says i love you. has a rebus on it too….with the pic of an eye, a heart and a ‘u’. soooo cute.
thanks arek.


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texas wind……

cow again
oh my….another windy day in texas!!! i am posting this at midnight, but this is a monday post. anyway, i got a little down time this morning. zoey took some zzzz’s and i started some projects, but i had to battle that wind!!!! arek loves the wind here. he plays tornado in the back yard. (don’t ask). today i pulled him back and forth thru the back yard on an old sheet. you would have thought i took him to a theme park! he laughed and laughed. then i held the sheet in the air and let it wave over his head like a big kite. that also made him laugh and laugh. he tells me when he is going to get a case of the giggles. he says….”if you say anything else, mom, i’m going to get a case of the giggles”. what a crack up!! then we raced toys across the yard and let the wind blow them to see which ones blew the fastest. no life, no life, no life.
i really don’t have anything that exciting to show. i took a few quick snapshots of my projects, one of zoey and one of a bowl of chili that i’m totally proud of!!! i made a pot this morning. i sort of made it up as i went along and it turned out great!!!!
chirizzo (spell), frozen hash brown potatoes, tomatoes canned, chipolte peppers in abodo sauce (3 peppers), corn, a can of white beans, chicken stock, cumin, tumeric, s&p….a little rachel ray…..a little me. simmer for 30 min. yummy!
hot, hot, hot!!!!
here are a few works in progress….a trashpicked drawer front gone mosaic. i don’t even use grout. i just glue some chipped stuff on and go. i’ll put a little wire on this and a final embellishement and it will hang out in a garden somewhere.
here is a neat, old board painted pink. i’ll distress it and maybe add something to it. don’t know yet. i only paid $1 for this board. it’s very old!!
wood paint
found this heart frame in the goodwill bin. love the frame. added some fabric, collage print out, old jewels, paris stamp and glitter. now she’s all dolled up and ready for display.
lady heart
here is another project. totally simple…..painted out an old box pink, distressed it, put a little rose on the front of a scanned barkcloth print out!
painted box
and what would the day be without zoey acting a fool while i’m trying to do my second load of dishes for the day. how can we use that many dishes????? oh…the chili.
go zoey…don’t blow away girl.


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sunday drive…

okay….so today was eat too much mexican food and go for a sunday drive day. arek complained the entire ride and kept asking if we were driving home so he could look at tornado videos and draw on raw eggs with magic marker (don’t ask). kids have such crazy imaginations!!! needless to say, i kept driving until i come to this fabulous shop…..crazy nana’s antiques and collectibles. it’s owned by a sweet woman named Susan who has a passion for all things vintage and timeworn! i love her displays (didn’t take any inside pics)……inside and out. very inspiring!! i bought a few things and will take pics of those tomorrow. Susan gave me, arek and zoey so bread to feed the ducks and geese that wander about the river bank. i took the kids to the park after we feed the little feathered friends. i tried to snap some pics of zoey, but she just moves way too fast!!! here are a few adventure pics from today. arek’s fort is still up….going on day 2.
susan one
more yard bling. i love all the arbors!! i plan to buy one this summer and put it right in front of our door. i want to plant big pots of climbing jasmine on both sides and just let it be sweet!!!
more yard bling
i love this chair!!!!!!!!!! it will go home with me next time if it’s still at the shop. i didn’t dare buy it and try to cram it in my little BMW-X3. my husband would have a fit!!!!!!! rust spots everywhere….yikes.
pink chair
a bit of whimsy……
chicken chair
arek with the ducks…..oh sure, he will eat stale bread that susan gave us for the ducks, but he won’t eat fresh tortillas and yummy rice and cheese enchilladas. whatever???? kids.
arek ducks
3 graces….
3 graces
arek again…..looking silly.
arek close
and back to the house after all the fun!!!

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the bees were out!!!!!

i know it’s not spring….i know because it has been soooooo cold lately, but today….the bees were out!!! how can there be no bees one day and a swarm of them the next????? oh….the temperature!! in the 70’s today. thought i needed to start planting rose bushes!!! no. wash the car day instead. i paid arek a bunch of money today to help me with stuff. i made him watch his sister while i cleaned the car with one of his socks. i didn’t even use soap!! it was quicker that way!! one mess was cleaned up and another was made in the process. now i have lawn chairs, one of my favorite vintage quilts, a bunch of toys, a pillow and two other blankets outside in his ‘fort’. i wonder how long that will stress me out before it gets cleaned up. oh….long enough for him to make another mess!!! hahahahaha. anyway, by the time the car was cleaned, i managed to forget where i put the handivac, make big puddles in the driveway for the kids to run in, watch arek continuously take everything out of all the little piles i made and redistribute it into newer piles that had to be redistributed again, listen to a bee buzz withing a centimeter of my head, watch zoey pull all the flower bed decorations out and redecorate what was once decorated, swat 10 bees (one was so aggresive i had to swat him with my giant car mat!), capture a bee in the car, try to get him out of the car, watch zoey eat yogurt bites that mutated into antimicrobial ameoba mineral deposits of some sort, take a rock out of zoey’s hand, take a baby bottle nipple out of zoey’s mouth (where did she get that?????), watch arek drag 60 things out of the house to put in his fort, and wipe the inside of the car down with baby wipes because it’s all i know!!! ahhh. and that is just to wash the car!!! my neighbor started washing hers at the same time i started washing mine, and she was finished when i was just remembering where i put the handivac.
hee hee.
anyway, kids were kids today. lots of energy. lots of fun!!! we did some shopping together and managed to get thru it with smiles on our faces. they are so perfect!!!!
NOT……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wildness…..
wild kids
zoey is moving so fast, she doesn’t even register. like a super hero or something. hey, they are having fun.
i did manage to make it to the goodwill today and i found the cutest doll!!!! she is so sweet.
cloth doll
i adore her!! she was a whopping 25¢!! i got some other cute stuff as well. total for the bling….$5.51. ahhhh therapy..and no stinger.

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cub day….test day….

cubs one
okay, okay…let me brag a bit!!! i am so proud of mr. arek!! not only did he get 100 on a math test today (first time for everything), he got good marks on his reading and spelling tests as well!!! go arek. it was also cubs tonite. a pack meeting….lots of skits….crying infants….whining, hungry kids and very busy boys!! our boys did great!! arek got several awards and seemed very pleased with them. go arek, again!!! it was a busy day. i let arek stay up very late. tomorrow is cleaning day again…allergies and all. after that….we are going to chill!!! above is a pic of arek with his cub bling. looks like he has some kind of specimen in that bag. below…oh….are those my cookies????
cubs two
i tried to get a pic of little sis, but she cried most of the meeting. not much nap today made a very fussy baby.
here is a earlier pic of her in a van…in the rain…on a plane…eating spam…no green ham.
zoey van
i am too tired to report anything else. i went to the goodwill bins today and found lots of cute stuff. i will try to grab a few pics of stuff tomorrow. for now, i will leave with a pic of the latest work in progress…..
april paris
paris bye

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it is still cold, rainy and dismal outside….a perfect day to slip away to a great little shop!! a friend of mine took me to one of the sweetest little places about 30 minutes from my house. wow…what a charm!!! i took some pics of the inside of the store and it doesn’t do justice to what i saw!!! cottage, cottage, cottage…..fab, fab, fab!!!! soooooooo cute! vintage hats, linens, shabby white furniture, awesome old plates, dolls, paris chic, chandeliers galore, small trinkets to die for…rooms and rooms of this!!! even the bathrooms were decorated like a page out of a fab decorating magazine!! the owner of the shop, Marta, has an exceptional talent for decorating. just completely beyond anything i imagined it would be. here is a picture of her beautiful place. she even packs the yard with shabby, cottage goodies!! ideas galore!! thanks Marta.

marta store

fabulous vignettes just waiting for a home!!!!!! so many cool things….dolls, hats, clothing….ahhhhh.

china dolls



hats store



here are some of my finds….i oozed over the rose covered vintage hat, toille pillow and pretty tassles.

marta bling

what a great shopping day. i also bought a great, chippy white shelf and an old, pink glass panelled window. i also took a few pics of my house today. just a little something to inspire me before i went shopping.
cabinet bling
i found this stuff soooo cheap!! the roses on the left were a trash pick from a friend in germany. the display hand a yardsale find. the blue perfume bottle a bin find at goodwill, the orange speckle bowl, one euro from a shop, the key and tassle about a euro from france, etc…..just fun stuff!
here is a chippy dresser i found years ago for $40 at a thrift shop. i love statues!! this is a small part of my collection. i found the little dogs for about one euro in germany. love them!! the lady in the frame about the dresser is a gift from my mom.
hat collection
i love vintage hats!! they used to cost 50¢ back in the day at any given thrift shop. now they are more expensive than seafood. i don’t get it. anyway….here are a few i have that have been thru several moves and lots of dust!! i love them anyway….they are old like i am…thru lots of moves and lots of dust.
the pink tassle was another euro find in germany and the hat sign was found in a trash pile…go figure!!
love my little lady in a cup!!
button bowl
little craft store buttons in an old tin, various plate from germany and glitter!!!!!
okay…my little girl is crying. must go!! enjoy and be inspired!









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