first entry

wow….is this really going to work???? i keep trying to post a blog and i just don’t seem to get it!! i hope i can finally manage to pull this off.

i will continue to get better and better at this. be patient with me!!!

i want a place to share my ideas and my crazy vintage lifestyle!! i am a stay at home mom that puts a lot of effort into my family and my crafts. this is just another outlet!!! like i don’t have enough to do…right????

<> i will post photos on flickr as well. i will try to find a way to link that to this. yikes.

it’s late. more tomorrow.



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3 responses to “first entry

  1. ames

    Oh my god! I’m so psyched about your blog, Sue!!!! I want to subscribe to it. I LOVE the photos. Good idea and excellent first few blogs. You artistic blogger you.

  2. Michael

    Its like you being here in front of me. I love it…

  3. Vivian

    This is the next best thing to having you around!!! Awesome site!


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