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valentine bling

okay….i am posting a couple of valentine projects in the works photo. i will put some on flickr as well. be sure to check them out. as soon as i can get some photos to pop up in my flickr account on the sidebar, i will!! ack….technology is not one of my finer points!!!

i have been working on collages and collecting this past month. i have a couple of thrift store scores i will post on flckr as well. i have a few places i love to shop the most….i can’t believe what i find sometimes!!!! lots of plates with roses…my favs!

i also have some pics of the kiddos!!!! gotta throw those in for my family and friends that really don’t care about junk collecting.

i also can’t figure out the difference between categories and tags…..ack…..what am i doing????? right???? patience, patience, patience. it will get easier and easier to understand all of this. i will try to get more of my favorites on my blog roll. i see soooo many fabulous blogs that inspire me. i need to share!!!
okay..lets try to get some photos posted on this badboy. enjoy!
i got these plates for $1.99 each and i found the creamers for almost nothing.
i love the little salt shaker…$1 and the roses…$1.50.
rose bling
i found this crazy wig box (from the 70’s) for like 50¢ and painted it pink.
added the paris chipboard letters and then dangled some tassels from the handle.
i found the tassels in a $20 lot box (tons and tons of stuff in there) and bleached them out so they would look pinkish…shabby and cute. it sort of worked. they were a dark green/red color.
i guess they at least look faded and vintage now.
paris tote
another project that really got me fired up!!! i found this cute table for $4.99. i painted it white and sprayed glitter paint on it. i love, love glitter paint!!! i added a coaster and glass knob and got myself a cute shabby table.
okay…enough about the projects…here are some pics of my son and his friends andrew and katie from germany!!!!! too many red bowls of jello!!!! that is an inside joke.

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  1. I need to pass your site along to Sally. VERY inspiring! 😉

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