American Idol Night!!!!!!

okay….okay… i have 15 minutes until american idol comes on. ack…..yay!!!! it’s yet another season of cast offs, showoffs, talented young adults and very mature teens that can really sing!!! i love it!

enough about that….i had to show a picture of the strangest soap i bought today!! it’s made in mexico and it’s for the laundry. i tried cutting a chunk off and using it to wash my clothes tonite, but it smells soooooooo foul, that i’ll just use it for it’s charm for my laundry displays. it’s called ZUTE. go figure.

MY FINDS TODAY…..found a couple of treasures today after adding more things to my booth. i found a great vintage kids book, 2 rose mugs, a cranberry glass plate, 10 DOILIES!! and a plastic punch bowl for $2.50!!!! i love the vintage book. lots of great pics and ideas for collages in it.
finders keepers 1
finders keepers 2
here are a couple of pictures of my crazy, little booth!! it’s all stacked out with lots and lots of funky junk!! i have some things i make, some things i embellish, some things i collect and some things that just are…..
booth 1
booth 2
and last but certainly not least……a picture of my tired little zoey….after many cheese snacks and lots of shopping.
zoey mess


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4 responses to “American Idol Night!!!!!!

  1. You are the coolest mom I know. 😉

  2. Heide Cygan

    Sue – I love your blog!!! I cannot get over how big Zoey is getting – she is adorable. I hope all is well for you and the family. Drink some wine and talk in a crazy New York accent for me. Miss you!

  3. Helen Williams


    You have finally gone over the edge! I Love it! Have another glass of wine 🙂 Maryland misses you!


  4. Michele

    You rock! Such a comfort to see what creative concoctions you’re assembling. Can you sell your stuff to us folks in GA? I’ll be interested in paying whatever shipping, for I love whatever you do!
    Keep it up girl! Ya did good! Zoey is a gem!
    Love ya! ‘chele

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