Report Card Day!

it was report card time today at school and i am proud to announce that arek made his first S in behavior, EVER!! i see sooo many need improvements from him, so i was thrilled that he’s been trying so hard to listen!! he also got his first S+ in art and music and finished out the rest of his subjects with awesome grades as well!!!!!! I AMSOOOO PROUD OF HIM!! really, for me it’s not about the grades at this point, so i was pleasantly pleased with his hard work and effort!! GO AREK!!!

don’t you love his bloodshot eyes???? that’s the result of a late ‘american idol’ night. shame on me for letting him burn the midnight oil and sleep like a rock star. well, today he is a rock star!! HE SPARKLES AND SHINES!

report card

okay…here is a little sparkling angel in his honor!!!


okay, now it’s my time to go search free clip art on the web. i find sooooo many great images!!

so much art, so little time!!




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2 responses to “Report Card Day!

  1. Ms. Patty

    Way to go Aric!! You should get him a special vintage plate; and let him have the special plate for dinner this week; yeah it’s one of those ideas I read in Parent’s Magazine; mostly that magazine makes me feel guilty for all the things I don’t do. I miss you; girlie and I love, love your booth. I am so glad that you are getting to show off your creativity. And can I say that I almost fell out of my chair when I saw Zoe; can it be? can that really be her? She looks like your hubby; she really does. Was it just a year ago that we were saying goodbye to you in the German restaurant. Wow! We are in California; and loving the sunshine; although it’s kind of cold and I am tired of people asking me where I am from and then smiling when I tell them; Iguess it’s the accent that gives it away ugh….anyway also tired of explaining 20 times a day that no we are not air force but army on an air force base. Anyway, I am rambling but I miss you. And I love your blog; you go for it girl.


  2. Ron

    I am sooooo proud of you Arek. Super job!!

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