Dental Appointment Cancellation

up close

okay….you know you are addicted to thrift when you have to cancel a dental appointment and then go thrifting instead. i really did have a legit reason to 86 my 9am this morning, but did that give me artistic license to scrambling from thrift shop to thrift shop???? of course! i found three new ones on the north side of town, and went for it!!! BOY DID I SCORE!! i found the coolest stuff and all for a good cause. i guess that’s the real benefit of buying other folk’s used goods. recycle, reuse. it’s the ‘green’ thing to do
zoey and i had a day of it….2 shops, a new doll, breakfast tacos, a big coke, a huge plate of chips and fresh salsa w/mega chunks of cillantro and all! i tried to get zoey to eat a big spring of the green stuff, but she told me ‘no’ and push it back at me. that’s the new buzz word….’no’. i love this stage!! she doesn’t even know what it means. sometimes i wonder if i do. after all the no’s…it was back on the thrifting trail for another store….a pack of smarties and one lolipop later…miss thing was pooped and so was i!! it was time to head back homeand sift thru the madness!!!

i managed to snap a few shots of my bling, sort thru some of it, wash some of it, get the kids all fed, happy and in bed, and watch tonite’s episode of celebrity apprentice. that gene simmons….all i see still is a crazy rock star with funky hair, lots of make-up and a german shepard tongue. oh…and those club boots!!! detroit rock city baby.

okay….here is some great lace, tule and what nots!! even an old hair net for ¢25 lace

doily bling
i found a ton of lace, doilies, pretty fabrics, jewels, a little tiny shell nightlight, a virgin mary statue, tiny flowers, and tule!!! found a little chippy shelf too..for only $1!! the lace was sooooo cheap. 25¢ a bag. wow!!
here is a piece of pink felt, some vintage cards and the cutest vintage blue pom poms. i hope to make something soon with all these cool supplies!!
pom pom
more, more….the stuff below was in THE FREE PILE……….!!!!! i love the little roses tin, blue box and small pink candle holder. can’t complain about free stuff!!
free bling
and of course…i save the best for last!!!!! miss zoey with her new doll!! she is tear stained because i couldn’t get it wrapped up in the cute crocheted blanket fast enough!! once she got the little guy in her arms….happy as a baby!!
new baby
take care. that’s all for now.


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2 responses to “Dental Appointment Cancellation

  1. Cindy

    I am drooling over all your amazing finds. We may be coming to Ft Hood, too, in June and then I will have to fight you for the goods at the same thrift stores! (Save that blue fabric with the pink roses for me.)
    I am going junking next week–yes in JANUARY! It is so warm this year it won’t matter, but I am so hungry for some junking I would go in a foot of snow. LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff and your blog and where did you kidnap that big girl to take pictures of? Zoe is a little tiny baby who had to be held all the time at the play ground in Champion Village, not this big girl holding a baby doll.
    Hope to see you again soon,

  2. ames

    Holy mackeral Sue – YOU SCORED!
    Zoe is a peach pumpkin pie. I can’t wait to meet her. Love to Arek and Ron, too.

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