Coldest Day!!!!!

what a cold, busy day!!! meetings, cub scouts, cleaning, errand running, etc…..and all on a cold, windy day. what is the antidote???? making tags of course!!! oh…and a little get away to goodwill!!! i will post those finds sometime this weekend!!! neat stuff!! anyway…i made some tags from some 50¢ cards i found. tags sell well at the booth. they are fun to make and i can knock out quite few in an hour’s time. these are stamped with ink and cut with fancy border scissors. that’s it. nothing to special. it’s a great way to reuse cards you don’t need.
tags 1
another pic of cards.
here is a suitcase i found for 75¢. i fixed it up w/some vintage postal stuff.
here is another of the case and a $2 broken eifel tower lamp turned hat stand. i added the little vintage flower to the goodwill found hat.
eifel hat
here is a little collage i made using a vintage flash card as my canvas. i added a little german card to it, buttons, words, glitter, a a border. very simple….just like it says.
that is all for now.


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2 responses to “Coldest Day!!!!!

  1. Amy K.

    Love your blog! I can light some scented candles, have a cup of coffee and it’s almost like being at your house in Champion….

    Congrats to Arek for doing so well in school lately! Zoey is so sweet and carrying around babies already! We miss all of you so much. Thanks for sharing – it will be fun to look at your posts.

  2. Pat Edwards

    Sue – enjoyed your pics the very most because they brought back fond memories of our trip to Columbus and I can recall seeing several items.

    keep blogging, I love to read these.

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