today is housework day. yesterday was housework day.
everyday is housework day with two kids….right??????
yesterday was bad allergy day….lot of vaccuuming (if that is a word), lots of dust here in texas and in my house!! and cedar trees too. makes us all have allergy problems. i had a sinus headache all day yesterday and may have one again today…ugh. poor zoey is really struggling. here is a pic of zoey and arek on allergy day….hee hee
allergy day
but today arek looks much better. he has discovered a recipe for vegetable cookies. he decided that he would make some today…yay. we boiled sweet pot, carrots, broc….puree…add to cake mix, add raisins, syrup, flax seed, lots of spices, butter, an egg, more flower, yogurt and spoon onto cookie sheet….
there you have it….
veg. cookies….made by a 7 year old!! that’s one way to get your veggies!!
arek cook
final product….hey, i don’t have a boy apron…sorry.
of course…the day doesn’t go by without me rearranging something, or making something, or tagging something, or just thinking about something that deals with any of the above… i made a little display with a paper umbrella i found for 50¢. i painted the pink birdcage…it’s one i bought from a friends yardsale in germany. found the other birdcage for 25¢, found the angel vase for free and found the ironstone pitcher for almost pennies!!!umbrella
here is a pic of a re-do…shabby, chippy, statue collection
okay…as i type, there is a boy waiting to share the computer. he spilled juice on my ibook and now i have no laptop. i can’t tell you how sad i am. i really, really miss my laptop. uuuugggghhhh.
oh well…that’s what having kids is all about. messes, broken stuff and cleaning it all up!!
with that in mind…here is a little arek artwork. it’s worth all the messes when a cute picture comes at the end of a stressful day….


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3 responses to “HOUSEWORK!!!! AHHHHHHGGGG!!!

  1. ames

    A little creative genius just like his momma. Sue I love your design style! Hey-how bout humidifiers for the dry air? Missing you.

  2. Ron

    He doesn’t need a boy apron….men are great cooks …i can cook a mean pancake…i hope you saved a vegetable cookie for me. I wonder if Arek’s cookies taste anything like a cookie.

  3. michael

    its great, its like you being next to me.i miss you..


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