MLK day!!!

what a boring day….rain, rain, go away!!! ack…holidays are hard w/the kids. long weekends wear me out, but we still managed to honor Martin Luther King Day with our thoughts about freedom, equality, dreams for our future and this faboulous painting i found a few years ago for $1!!!!! its painted by some unknown 3rd grader. she did a fabulous job!!! i absolutely love it!! i keep it in arek’s room. when we lived in germany, i had the painting hanging on the wall with a sun painted around MLK’s head. it’s a sweet little painting that cheers me up!!
gives me hope.
mlk kids
thank you Mr. King for having a dream so our children can dream.
okay…after hours of cleaning up messes, i decided to make one of my own and knock out a collage.
her name is sophie. she is a dreamer…just like Mr. King….. 


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3 responses to “MLK day!!!

  1. Ron

    What a great picture for such a special day!! I love the pictures of my wonderful kids throughout the blog. Keep posting. I miss them and love you all of you. Please take care.

  2. Cassie


    I love the website! You go girl……….I haven’t the faintest idea how to create one. Keep up the good work on the blog not the house!


  3. Marnee

    You still have this picture — I remember it in your hallway on Rosemary Ln. Mr. King is a traveling man! Love all the photos!

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