book day….

tuesday is my creative booth day. i redid my booth today, but forgot to bring my camera. duh. anyway, i will take some pics on friday. i did manage to get some really cool books for 25¢ though!! so me, zoey and arek had book day after i picked arek up from school. we sat on arek’s big bed and red books….old school….vintage books that made us laugh!! books like journey ho cake and a crazy health book written for kids with stick people illustrations. also, this cute cat book. it was a lot of fun!!!
i love this book with all the markings in it!!
fairy opera
and for my mom, i found this in one of the books i got today. how cute.
okay…as if the books weren’t cheap and enough fun…i found some awesome bling junk jewels. here is a sampling of the 2 jars i found!! this is stuff i will sell, but the rest is great reserve for crafts!! old rusty keys….mismatched earrings, total 80’s big hair earrings, some cool hearts from a broken necklace….ahhhhh the possibilities!!!!
jar jewels
and of course….what is a day without the kids acting like a bunch of animals!!! they are silly!!!
GO TO BED YOU TWO!!!!! it is late and they both look wired. eeeehhhhhh. arek is sweaty from jumping off the couch and zoey is sweaty from following along…..stop already…..cuties.

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  1. Ron

    The kids look exactly like they should look, nice and happy. Keep up the good work mom!!

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