keep on smiling…..

okay…so i had one of those days where i didn’t get any rest. i try to take some small cat naps thruout my days, but today i didn’t get any. now i’m blah. i ate too much. i yelled at the kids too much. i stressed over my dirty kitchen too much and i tuned out too much. i blame that on my diet. i blame that on my lack of zzzzsssss. i feel like brooke shields in that commercial where she says her day starts at the crack of dawn and ends at the crack of dawn…..the only difference is that she is doing yoga first thing in the morning and i’m struggling to find my glasses and turn the alarm off before it wakes the kids. the only remote yoga i do is stretch my legs over the baby gate to get into the kitchen so i can reach under the cabinet to get the coffee grinder. no one is using me for any lipstick commercial. oh well….drive on, drive on. tomorrow is another day. the laundry will still be there, the dishes will still be there, the clothes piles will still be there, food will still need preparing, floors will still need wiping. it’s okay
just breathe and keep on smiling…
oh…did i still manage to make some more tags???????? of course.
and i have to show you the beginning of a project. it’s a work in progress. a salvaged doll head, a fun bundle of thread and a pink painted pedestal to put her on. i need some little arms and a tierra for her and i’m finished!
doll thread
here is a fun pic of my daughter zoey’s wall of vintage pink dresses!!
dress pink
and to top it off, a pic of zoey a few weeks back…feeding her doll some yogurt. it should have been me in that highchair she was feeding today!!! i ate sooooo much!! it’s the weather, i guess.
this photo is a narrative of the way i feel this week. ack….flipflops where are you????
baby food
i had a lot of fun finding clip art and collage art last night on flickr. i have a link on my blogroll that will take you to free clip art and vintage ephemera for art projects!! this is why i get no zzzzzsssss. it’s my fault. i make more work for myself!!! i feel like one of santa’s little elves…working so hard to make little toys….tomorrow i visit a fun, shabby and chic type antique store. i hope i don’t forget my camera!!!
keep on smiling.

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One response to “keep on smiling…..

  1. Ron

    Slow down mom and take a break. I love the way you write.

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