it is still cold, rainy and dismal outside….a perfect day to slip away to a great little shop!! a friend of mine took me to one of the sweetest little places about 30 minutes from my house. wow…what a charm!!! i took some pics of the inside of the store and it doesn’t do justice to what i saw!!! cottage, cottage, cottage…..fab, fab, fab!!!! soooooooo cute! vintage hats, linens, shabby white furniture, awesome old plates, dolls, paris chic, chandeliers galore, small trinkets to die for…rooms and rooms of this!!! even the bathrooms were decorated like a page out of a fab decorating magazine!! the owner of the shop, Marta, has an exceptional talent for decorating. just completely beyond anything i imagined it would be. here is a picture of her beautiful place. she even packs the yard with shabby, cottage goodies!! ideas galore!! thanks Marta.

marta store

fabulous vignettes just waiting for a home!!!!!! so many cool things….dolls, hats, clothing….ahhhhh.

china dolls



hats store



here are some of my finds….i oozed over the rose covered vintage hat, toille pillow and pretty tassles.

marta bling

what a great shopping day. i also bought a great, chippy white shelf and an old, pink glass panelled window. i also took a few pics of my house today. just a little something to inspire me before i went shopping.
cabinet bling
i found this stuff soooo cheap!! the roses on the left were a trash pick from a friend in germany. the display hand a yardsale find. the blue perfume bottle a bin find at goodwill, the orange speckle bowl, one euro from a shop, the key and tassle about a euro from france, etc…..just fun stuff!
here is a chippy dresser i found years ago for $40 at a thrift shop. i love statues!! this is a small part of my collection. i found the little dogs for about one euro in germany. love them!! the lady in the frame about the dresser is a gift from my mom.
hat collection
i love vintage hats!! they used to cost 50¢ back in the day at any given thrift shop. now they are more expensive than seafood. i don’t get it. anyway….here are a few i have that have been thru several moves and lots of dust!! i love them anyway….they are old like i am…thru lots of moves and lots of dust.
the pink tassle was another euro find in germany and the hat sign was found in a trash pile…go figure!!
love my little lady in a cup!!
button bowl
little craft store buttons in an old tin, various plate from germany and glitter!!!!!
okay…my little girl is crying. must go!! enjoy and be inspired!










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  1. Marta's Room

    Dear Sue:
    what a joy was finally getting to meet the artist behind the beautiful tinkets I have come to look forward to collect. We are definitely kindred spirits. Most amazing to me was to check your blog and get to meet your beautiful boy. Keep the great job super mom. I will be checking with you periodically, I want more of that never ending imagination of yours. Thanks for mentioning the shop in the blog. Love and admiration from a fellow junker.

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