cub day….test day….

cubs one
okay, okay…let me brag a bit!!! i am so proud of mr. arek!! not only did he get 100 on a math test today (first time for everything), he got good marks on his reading and spelling tests as well!!! go arek. it was also cubs tonite. a pack meeting….lots of skits….crying infants….whining, hungry kids and very busy boys!! our boys did great!! arek got several awards and seemed very pleased with them. go arek, again!!! it was a busy day. i let arek stay up very late. tomorrow is cleaning day again…allergies and all. after that….we are going to chill!!! above is a pic of arek with his cub bling. looks like he has some kind of specimen in that bag. below…oh….are those my cookies????
cubs two
i tried to get a pic of little sis, but she cried most of the meeting. not much nap today made a very fussy baby.
here is a earlier pic of her in a van…in the rain…on a plane…eating spam…no green ham.
zoey van
i am too tired to report anything else. i went to the goodwill bins today and found lots of cute stuff. i will try to grab a few pics of stuff tomorrow. for now, i will leave with a pic of the latest work in progress…..
april paris
paris bye

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  1. Ron

    Great job Arek!! You are the man!! Way to go on your math test. Zoey, your are cute as usual. Love all of you and miss you.

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