the bees were out!!!!!

i know it’s not spring….i know because it has been soooooo cold lately, but today….the bees were out!!! how can there be no bees one day and a swarm of them the next????? oh….the temperature!! in the 70’s today. thought i needed to start planting rose bushes!!! no. wash the car day instead. i paid arek a bunch of money today to help me with stuff. i made him watch his sister while i cleaned the car with one of his socks. i didn’t even use soap!! it was quicker that way!! one mess was cleaned up and another was made in the process. now i have lawn chairs, one of my favorite vintage quilts, a bunch of toys, a pillow and two other blankets outside in his ‘fort’. i wonder how long that will stress me out before it gets cleaned up. oh….long enough for him to make another mess!!! hahahahaha. anyway, by the time the car was cleaned, i managed to forget where i put the handivac, make big puddles in the driveway for the kids to run in, watch arek continuously take everything out of all the little piles i made and redistribute it into newer piles that had to be redistributed again, listen to a bee buzz withing a centimeter of my head, watch zoey pull all the flower bed decorations out and redecorate what was once decorated, swat 10 bees (one was so aggresive i had to swat him with my giant car mat!), capture a bee in the car, try to get him out of the car, watch zoey eat yogurt bites that mutated into antimicrobial ameoba mineral deposits of some sort, take a rock out of zoey’s hand, take a baby bottle nipple out of zoey’s mouth (where did she get that?????), watch arek drag 60 things out of the house to put in his fort, and wipe the inside of the car down with baby wipes because it’s all i know!!! ahhh. and that is just to wash the car!!! my neighbor started washing hers at the same time i started washing mine, and she was finished when i was just remembering where i put the handivac.
hee hee.
anyway, kids were kids today. lots of energy. lots of fun!!! we did some shopping together and managed to get thru it with smiles on our faces. they are so perfect!!!!
NOT……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wildness…..
wild kids
zoey is moving so fast, she doesn’t even register. like a super hero or something. hey, they are having fun.
i did manage to make it to the goodwill today and i found the cutest doll!!!! she is so sweet.
cloth doll
i adore her!! she was a whopping 25¢!! i got some other cute stuff as well. total for the bling….$5.51. ahhhh therapy..and no stinger.

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  1. Ron

    Ok, the doll looks old and crusty. Don’t let my little princess play with the new doll until it’s been in the freezer for a week. Yuck!! You also need to use soap when you wash the car. You can scratch the paint if you don’t use soap and ruin the finish………but I still love you and the kids.

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