sunday drive…

okay….so today was eat too much mexican food and go for a sunday drive day. arek complained the entire ride and kept asking if we were driving home so he could look at tornado videos and draw on raw eggs with magic marker (don’t ask). kids have such crazy imaginations!!! needless to say, i kept driving until i come to this fabulous shop…..crazy nana’s antiques and collectibles. it’s owned by a sweet woman named Susan who has a passion for all things vintage and timeworn! i love her displays (didn’t take any inside pics)……inside and out. very inspiring!! i bought a few things and will take pics of those tomorrow. Susan gave me, arek and zoey so bread to feed the ducks and geese that wander about the river bank. i took the kids to the park after we feed the little feathered friends. i tried to snap some pics of zoey, but she just moves way too fast!!! here are a few adventure pics from today. arek’s fort is still up….going on day 2.
susan one
more yard bling. i love all the arbors!! i plan to buy one this summer and put it right in front of our door. i want to plant big pots of climbing jasmine on both sides and just let it be sweet!!!
more yard bling
i love this chair!!!!!!!!!! it will go home with me next time if it’s still at the shop. i didn’t dare buy it and try to cram it in my little BMW-X3. my husband would have a fit!!!!!!! rust spots everywhere….yikes.
pink chair
a bit of whimsy……
chicken chair
arek with the ducks…..oh sure, he will eat stale bread that susan gave us for the ducks, but he won’t eat fresh tortillas and yummy rice and cheese enchilladas. whatever???? kids.
arek ducks
3 graces….
3 graces
arek again…..looking silly.
arek close
and back to the house after all the fun!!!

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