texas wind……

cow again
oh my….another windy day in texas!!! i am posting this at midnight, but this is a monday post. anyway, i got a little down time this morning. zoey took some zzzz’s and i started some projects, but i had to battle that wind!!!! arek loves the wind here. he plays tornado in the back yard. (don’t ask). today i pulled him back and forth thru the back yard on an old sheet. you would have thought i took him to a theme park! he laughed and laughed. then i held the sheet in the air and let it wave over his head like a big kite. that also made him laugh and laugh. he tells me when he is going to get a case of the giggles. he says….”if you say anything else, mom, i’m going to get a case of the giggles”. what a crack up!! then we raced toys across the yard and let the wind blow them to see which ones blew the fastest. no life, no life, no life.
i really don’t have anything that exciting to show. i took a few quick snapshots of my projects, one of zoey and one of a bowl of chili that i’m totally proud of!!! i made a pot this morning. i sort of made it up as i went along and it turned out great!!!!
chirizzo (spell), frozen hash brown potatoes, tomatoes canned, chipolte peppers in abodo sauce (3 peppers), corn, a can of white beans, chicken stock, cumin, tumeric, s&p….a little rachel ray…..a little me. simmer for 30 min. yummy!
hot, hot, hot!!!!
here are a few works in progress….a trashpicked drawer front gone mosaic. i don’t even use grout. i just glue some chipped stuff on and go. i’ll put a little wire on this and a final embellishement and it will hang out in a garden somewhere.
here is a neat, old board painted pink. i’ll distress it and maybe add something to it. don’t know yet. i only paid $1 for this board. it’s very old!!
wood paint
found this heart frame in the goodwill bin. love the frame. added some fabric, collage print out, old jewels, paris stamp and glitter. now she’s all dolled up and ready for display.
lady heart
here is another project. totally simple…..painted out an old box pink, distressed it, put a little rose on the front of a scanned barkcloth print out!
painted box
and what would the day be without zoey acting a fool while i’m trying to do my second load of dishes for the day. how can we use that many dishes????? oh…the chili.
go zoey…don’t blow away girl.


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4 responses to “texas wind……

  1. Ron

    OK, the chili “looks” gross but I’m sure it was delicious. The little girl on the other hand is a doll baby. I love my Zoey!! Looks like she was getting ready to cut the rug with a few dance moves. Love You, Arek, and Zoey.

  2. lisa nichols

    Arek seems to be more like you everyday. He enjoys the little things in life. I hope he never changes. I wish you were back here in Columbus so Zoey and Kaitlyn could play together. We could take them to Ms Bettys to play. Do you ever here from her?


  3. Kaye

    Your stuff is so great! I wish I had your vision. I can copy others’ ideas but wish my mind worked this way! Chili looks great..miss you bunches. Good job on the blog!

  4. shannon

    Num, I agree the chili looks great! It looks like you guys are having an awesome time, even if it doesn’t always feel like it… I laughed out loud at Arek telling you when he’s going to get a case of the giggles… all my love from far, far away! :*


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