sick baby day…..

as if the texas wind isn’t enough, the allergy problems folks have here are outrageous too! arek and zoey included!! to make a long story short, i thought zoey had allergy issues, but she’s sick!! she battled a fever the entire day and i finally just got her 102+ temp down!! if it spikes again and i can’t get it down, i’ll need to swing her by the ER. fun. i think the two of us will be napping a bit tomorrow. arek’s having sleeping issues as well. we are all pretty pooped! but at least we have a cozy fire….well it looks lame in this pic, but you can blame that on the gas line going into the fireplace!! not my firebuilding skills. hee hee. i have the fire turned down low….
looks like arek has a mouth full of coal.
not much else to report. i’m tired and i need to go to sleep!! american idol was funny.
i picked up a couple of bargains today…..a stack of super cute shabby linens….
a fab towel from germany that looks like a giant tattoo!! about 50¢.

a few more goodies….cute wire water can, fab silver shaker, elegant silverware, cute towels and some other goodies as well.
sally bling
and a super cute little bug arek made in art class today….i love it!! my fave colors…shabby pink and yellow.
little bug
it says i love you. has a rebus on it too….with the pic of an eye, a heart and a ‘u’. soooo cute.
thanks arek.


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3 responses to “sick baby day…..

  1. Ron

    Poor little baby. She doesn’t look happy at all. Give her a big hug and hugs to my boy as well. I hope she is better soon. Nice craft Arek!!

  2. lisa nichols

    Kaitlyn has been sick for almost 2 1/2 to 3 months straight. The doctor said he was going to test her for allergies this summer but she has to be closer to 2 years. You can tell from the pics that Zoey doesn’t feel good. We have alot of sickness here at the paper as well. Hope she feels better. I hate to see a child sick.

    Lisa Nichols

  3. Marta's Room

    Dear Sue:
    I can’t believe it, I’m addicted to your blog. Reading about Arek playing in the wind make me laugh so hard that my husband asked me what was so funny and I introduce him to the adventures of Arek and company. Thank you for sharing with us, I have found out that is the simplest things that bring joy to our lives. Reading about you and your kids is really a joy to many as I have noticed. I hope I get to see you soon. By the way, what magazines you like the most? I got them all so I can save the ones that inspire you for you. I have to go not before I send get well wishes to Zoey. My nephews got the high temperatures for the last 3 days. I tell you it hurts me to see them so sick. I been told some kind of strong bug is hitting everybody. You may want to call the doctor before you take her in. My sister was told by her doctor not to take the babies in, but to give them the tylenol every 4 hours and he called in an antibiotic over the phone. The little one is still running a fever every so many hours. Lets all hope they get better soon. Love, Marta

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