be happy……

okay, okay….between sick kids, too much wind, heaping laundry and broken goldfish crackers all over my floor, i’m determined it’s all part of the big picture. no, not ‘that’ big picture….the one on my sink!!!!!! yes, arek drew a smile face with toothpaste on my bathroom sink yesterday. i just never know with that boy….anyway, how can i get mad. it’s hysterical!!!!
right when i think i’m going to have a melt down because i can’t keep up with my life, i see something like this and it brings me back down to earth. hee hee. zoey is still sick…sick, sick, sick. took her to the doctor and consensus…a virus. i think she probably got it from all the old crap i drag home from the goodwill bins. maybe her immune system will become bionic by the time she’s in kindergarten. anyway…here she is getting a tepid bath and mom poparazzi (sp) in her face!
here’s looking at you….pitiful.
looking just like her father!! those eyes.
hope she feels better soon!!! arek feels just fine! at least he isn’t sick. maybe a little crazy….
arek scream
but not sick.
and of course….what is a day without some bling!!! i had to go towards the goodwill to take zoey to the doctor. does that mean i had to go and do a bit of shopping……????? oh, okay. i couldn’t resist. she slept and rested in the backpack…close to me…nice and toasty and i scrambled thru bins like they were giving away free homes.
love the necklace…..hated the bold, 80’s gold, so i spray painted it black!! nice and chic!!
also found this great old tray and all the goodies on it…paid $2.00 for all of it (with the exception of the pearl necklace and flower pin) !! i have plans for the tray, i have plans for both vases and the rest will get all cleaned up and go to the booth!!
also found these great linens and pillow. i love this shabby little pillow. so sweet.
pillow linens
found some other goodies too that i will paint and what not. show them as i finish them.
i found this sweet little vintage paper image on flickr. i just love it.
so be
easy for me to say. i’ll try to remember this when i carrying zoey all the way to arek’s school in the crazy wind while she moans and leans on me luggage. who needs the gym when you have a toddler to tote…
happy thoughts….


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3 responses to “be happy……

  1. Ron

    My poor baby. I hope she feels better soon. Arek, you are a nut but I love you. Mom, we have almost been together twenty years. Love you!

  2. vintagesue

    zoey is feeling better!!! fever is gone!!! arek is a nut…fever or not. and i must be a nut to stay married to you for 20 years!!!!!!

  3. lisa nichols

    Congrats on your 20 years. I don’t see how you do it. Maybe it helps because you’re always apart. I hate to see Zoey so sick. Kaitlyn has been sick for almost three months now. I’m so sick of this weather. Everyone here at the ledger is sick. Maybe come spring everyone can get well. Take care.

    Lisa Nichols

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