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the wind is back!!!!


okay, spring hasn’t sprung yet. i take it all back!! the wind was crazy today! cold and crazy. i went junkin early this morning and (don’t ask) found a way to get this super old table back to my house. my husband would have banned me from the ‘family’ car had he seen the way i drove the treasure home (only 1 block) in the back of our ‘good’ car. i need my husband’s truck on tues. mornings! it’s the bulk trash day around here and today wasn’t bad! had i more room, i could have dragged home a cute dresser (wood and painted white) and a low to the ground coffee table that would have converted nicely to a bench, 2 puppies, an oil well, 6 cows and a big texas hat…i’m embellishing a bit. but i do feel like easter is just around the corner and that means warm weather, projects and great easter finds….see below from my friend cindy…..

here is a pic of my finds. great old table i’ll paint white, mop buck i will paint pink and decoupage a copy of a vintage book illustration to and a plant/table stand….black iron…hhhmmm. possibly a great candle holder for a huge dining table or outdoor table. i may hang prisms from it and paint it white or pink. i’ll turn it the other way and put a vintage plate on it or painted terra cotta pot or something to put a candle in. we will see.


i also took some pics of my current projects….a collage in progress….collage

also, i painted a narrow wooden hanger pink and glued vintage buttons to it.


pic of my latest purse….love this and paid about 50¢ for it!!


and a pic of my latest back porch seating area…found the table in germany for 20 euros and the bistro chairs in germany for 7euros a piece. painted them pink. love them!


speaking of germany and euros, my junkin buddy cindy sent me current pics of her bling she’s recently found in some floh marts and junk stores in germany. LOVE her finds!!! cheap, vintage, cute and european!!! check them out…..

cindy 1

cindy 2

easter cindy

cindy 3

cindy 4

plates cindy

my favorites are these fab plates!! like 10 euro cents a piece!!! wow….love them!! cindy loves to junk…even with 5 kids and a very demanding, domestic schedule, she still manages to find the greatest stuff, make the cutest crafts and organize what she finds. i don’t know how she gets it all done. we often spent much time admiring each others ‘junk’ displays in our small german housing yards a year ago! her displays were always way more clever than mine were! the stuff we would find!! i wish i had pics of what we turned it into. we kept our little german quarters very interesting….gave the neighbors something to stare at…we were all guided by junk….very inspiring!!!!! thanks cindy!

and of course…my favorite american idol…..looking wild and curious.
close zoey

okay…beddy bye time…the sandman is on his way…the wind will blow him in and then a girl’s gotta get some rest so she can keep on junkin…..




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spring fever

okay…it’s like soooo warm and sunny out today!! perfect for flea market mania!! that means i went to buy stuff i don’t need, but ooooh sooo cute!!! i found this cute birdcage today.


i also found a basket of stuff…littl girl’s dresses, vintage apron, super cute vintage pillow, a locker basket, a HUGE red tin for like $1.50 and it’s filled with discount goodies too!!! i love the lamp with the prisms….so chic!!

basket bling

love the squirel cage!!


love the 50¢ vintage beaded flowers!!!!!!!!!!!
bead flowers

more pics of my yard….little wood box says fleurs ($1), pink statue ($3) that i painted, and a bowl of spring beauties!!!



also…pics of some goodwill stuff from last week….lots and lots of linens for CHEAP!! a cute vintage purse, a cottage chic tin, and a cottage chic zoey on the table!!




zoey table

yes…she will be a bin digger!!!!! hey….better than a gold digger…..hee hee.



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lolipops and hair pulling…..

i totally love thursdays!! it’s goodwill and ladies charity thrift day!!! zoey loves it too! she gets fig newtons and a poppi…(lolipops). she also gets sticky fingers that turn into sticky hands that turn into glue like appendages that pull and stick to my hair when she’s tired and in the backpack. ugh. today was no exception. she pulls my hair as hard as she can, gets her sticky fingers stuck and then giggles hysterically while i tear up and bleed. okay. then zoey and i ate mexican food for lunch. what a riot!!! zoey got into a fight with a plate of rice and refried beans. i think she scared the man behind me away. he ate rather quickly and left immediately. i bet he’s never spent an afternoon alone with a 1 year old. he has no idea what he is missing!!

well…it was a pretty good thrift day. found some really neat stuff. i think my favorite find was the 10 yards or so of vintage floral fabric i found way at the bottom of the g.w. bin. i don’t have a clue what i will do with it, but it’s soooo beautiful, i couldn’t leave it there!!!

rose fabric

i also found a darling crocheted blue and white throw, a chenille pillowcase, a tea towel with little strawberries on it and some vintage flowers, a plate, a little cute pink vintage purse and some other goodies. not bad and all under $10. oh yeah…found this darling elephant wall hanging as well….

toy elephant

another favorite find today is this religious statue i found for a quarter. i couldn’t believe it!! marked 1966 on back and stamped ‘made in italy’.


some other finds…..a huge suitcase for $1. i will paint it pink and ‘fu fu’ it up. found a gorgeous vintage nightgown cut on the bias. love it!! a bunch of cute craft ribbon, vintage, 10¢ a piece!! a vintage pink hat, some kitchen goodies and these plates…..

rose plates

lastly….i love this little pot holder. found it for 25¢ i think. couldn’t leave it in a bin!! someone worked really hard to make her.

that’s about it. my shallow day….yes, the debates were on tonight in austin, texas and i picked american idol instead. arrested development. okay…make those girls stop crying already about folks getting kicked off!! they have known eacher other 10 minutes and they act like old souls. what am i saying….i can’t stop watching that goofy show.

okay…out to check if arek’s asleep or just pretending. zoey is knocked out and i can’t stop eating!!!


oh…one more thing. i re styled my business card. here’s a look….


i bring new items into the shop at least 2 times a week!! if you are in town, check out the booth!!!


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lazy day……

okay…weather is blah. i still feel blah. this post is going to be blah. blah, blah, blah….it’s project day and file day and tag day and business card day. guess it’s kind of the way arek feels when he has to do homework instead of watching tv or playing on the computer. but onto more important things…

first off….THANKS CHERYL!!! for sending me such a great gift!!!! i got a fabulous old beaded top to put on my PARIS manequin!! i already have her all dolled up!!! you can visit my friend cheryl’s ebay site…vintage soda shoppe for more goodies!!!! she has exceptional taste in the cottage/vintage look!!!

beaded 1

beaded 2

i love this on my manequin that i got in Metz, France!!! i paid 45 euros for it and don’t regret it a bit!!! i adore it!!

okay….so yesterday was drag home some furniture i totally don’t need day, but look how cute!! i got a great, little shabby wicker desk for $10. i think it looks cute!!


close up of my sweet, rescued laptop that ron saved from the juice arek spilled on it!!

i also found a really cute vintage green chair. i’ll upload tht pic someday. it was a whopping $12. i also managed to sneak out some projects this weekend. a couple of collages. today is project day as well. i have to clean files, do projects and make some business cards. i am down to my last 2 at the booth. i would much rather shop today, but sometimes it’s the discipline of maintenace, organization and projects that is needed. maybe that’s the blah in today….who knows??? what did i just say????

here are a couple of little collages i made….collage

here is another i made from a cheap, 50¢ pictured i painted over. out with the outdated 70’s picture, and in with the collage!! i hung it from a silk scarf i found for almost pennies.

junk collage

here is another view…..


and of course….my baby looking rather content with her brother’s blanket during snack time. she’s blurry, but she’s cute!!!!!!!

zoey blanket

cutie, cutie, cutie…

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president’s day…

well, it was a good president’s day, i guess. the weather here was great! i spent a bunch of money at walmart…what’s the deal with walmart and spending money????? i go in and try to knock everything out at the same time, and i always forget some important item and i always spend too much money. ack. today was no exception. i get so tired and overwhelmed that i end up buying random items like styrofoam balls and forget important things like dish soap. consumerism gets the best of me when i get into that place!!!

i did manage to snap a couple of pics this weekend, though. i have a picture of ron and arek on a nature walk. that’s their father/son time where ron teaches arek survival skills and they bond. i would do it, but arek and i wouldn’t make it to nature. we would be too busy getting distracted by a big trash pile on the side of the road. anyway, i have those pics, a pic of miss thang with a barbie tierra on her head and a couple of project pictures.

first….my project pics….i always find these cheap, wooden candle holders at the goodwill bargain center. they are a dime a dozen. i also seem to find lots of random glass candle holders with no home. well, i found a fond way to marry the two and get a great little mosiac too!!! i am too lazy to grout stuff. i just leave it all rustic and pointy…..

i had arek help me break up the china pieces. he thought that was a lot of fun! i put the china in an old towel and whacked away with a big hammer!!!!







close up
what a fun project!!

here is ron and arek having some bonding time on their nature walk……

dad arek

arek in the tall grasses getting swallowed by nature!!!


lastly…missy poo looking rather confused about the way to style a tierra…go girl!!


whatever works….who knows…maybe one day she’ll be president!! lol…..s

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projects…linens…no sleep, oh my!

well, i’m getting no sleep because it’s the middle of the night and the only time i can post!!!! it’s been a couple of days since my last entry. ack….busy during the day and too sleepy at night!!

first things first….a shout out to my niece jenny and her new baby girl!!!!! congrats jenny and josh. you all rock!!! now the fun is just starting. hee hee. your life has changed forever. good luck and best wishes. i know you have waited a very, very long time for this day. you deserve it!!! i’m proud of you.

now on with current projects and a couple of great linen finds!!! i decorated a very plain boring shelf with pink paint, a little decoupage and some white buttons…. shelf

close up……


okay… is a little jewelry project. took an discarded bell and glued it to some tarnished silver. it made a little handle and a ring holder. i put it on top of a glass dish that sits on another tarnished plate. makes another storage for more jewelry……..just made it all out of junk from goodwill.

jewel 1

here it is all closed up.

jewel 2

okay…i love, love this neat old pillowcase with the poodles!! i found another one like this but with chickens…they are so cute…all pink and yellow pastels. i plan to make a collage out of the one with the chickens. i want it to say…no one here but us chickens and have a picture of some vintage ladies. we’ll see when i have time for that.


that’s all for now……s

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sweet-time is here…time, time, time….


okay…time has gotten the best of me this week…..i still feel lousy, but i actually made it thru a salad, pasta and a stack of chocolates tonight, so i must be feeling a little better. what’s valentine’s eve without chocolates???? how do you stay away from it all…all the stores have tons and tons of valentine’s stuff and chocolates just stacked to the ceiling waiting and begging for consumer’s romantic heart’s to take pity and indulge. oh well….can’t say much for those little floating diamond heart necklaces or those little squiggly diamond heart necklaces, but i will take a chocolate kiss or mr. goodbar anyday…..

okay…nothing to report really. my ears still really hurt and i keep flashing hot and cold, but i’m moving a bit better. the cough is bad. be careful who you kiss tomorrow…all those sweetheart kisses could turn into the uck!!! i apologize to my friends out there that send me their pics to post! thanks so much. will get them posted as soon as i can. time is limited for projects this week. i’m way behind!! i have valentines party tomorrow at arek’s school, then there is arek’s birthday party. i still have 4 loads of laundry on my couch. there it is and they it will stay…once again, like the ruby slippers. i can’t seem to find the time.

i did manage to find the time to cook a ‘real’ meal tonight. better than the fast-food merrygoround we can’t get off. that stuff is poison after too long. and expensive. well, arek made a recipe for applesauce soup……his ingredients were not what we used. wouldn’t be good to put chicken broth and noddles (whatever they are) in hot applesauce. anyway…..

applesauce, cinnamon, raisins, brown sugar, squeeze of lemon, tablespoon of water…heat…serve. that’s how we made it.

soup recipe

well, we made some moderations to the recipe, but this was our final product.

arek soup

okay…it looks a little spooky, but it is really good and of course, arek didn’t eat it. kids.

i have pics from yesterday…when i was feeling really bad and didn’t care what the kids did.

arek mud

zoey mud

can anyone say ringworm?????????

okay… i have a thousand emails to answer, medicine to take, my teeth need some attention and damn…there are still those stinkin clothes on my couch…time, time, time.

happy valentine’s day





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