anniversary day…..

i received this email today from a friend of mine. i’m going to paste it into my blog for an awareness of bone marrow donorship. there is a national registry once you become a registered member. i registered 20 years ago, but i am still in the system somewhere. i’ll be a member until i am 60. it’s easy to do and can help families in need.

To all who can help: Many of you may have already heard about the Bone
 Marrow Registry Drive that is currently taking place on post. I would
 like to give you some information to keep encouraging you to sign up for
 the DoD Bone Marrow Registry. 

While the Bone Marrow Registry program can help many people in need of
 bone marrow transplantation, the search is very personal for us. The
 son of a soldier in our unit has been recently diagnosed with a very
 aggresive form of leukemia, and could use a bone marrow transplantation
 soon. The family is working very hard to support their son, and we are
 doing everything we can to support the family. If we can encourage more
 folks to sign up for the bone marrow donor registry, then there will be
 more potential matches for this boy's transplantation.

You can register for the bone marrow donor program even if you can't
 donate blood. The registration process is simple: fill out a
 questionnaire, four cotton swab swipes of the mouth and you're done. You will be
 contacted in the future if you are potential match.

For those wishing to donate without a military connection, call Scott &
 White at 1-888-724-2811 for its bone marrow donation program. They can
 also send kits for home testing. Some folks have picked up kits for
 their neighbors and office coworkers, as well. 

In my husband's words, "I would just ask that you support this as if it
 were your own child." 

***Fort Hood Bone Marrow Registry Drive: daily, M-F, 7:30 am to 3:30
 pm, Robertson Blood Center next to Thomas Moore Clinic on 761st Tank
 Battalion Avenue.

For more information on the bone marrow donor registry process:,

For more information on Patrick Mancuso and his battle with Acute
 Myeloid Leukemia:,, (link to video

I encourage you to forward this information to your coworkers, FRG
 members, etc, if you haven't already done so. Thank you so much for your

--Karin Markert
paris roses
okay…now i feel like a heel. while my sweet husband send me loads of gifts…flowers, chocolate and a sweet bear that will be confiscated by the kids, i was knee deep looking for treasures in a junk store. i feel like miranda hobbs on sex in the city…the episode where her boyfriend tells her he loves her on a cookie and she eats the entire cookie!!! that’s how i might get with the chocolates if i don’t set limits for myself!!! okay…more to come later. just a thanks to you ron….very sweet, very thoughtful!!!!! thanks, thanks, thanks……xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
happy 20th anniversay!!
how come you look so good and i look old enough to be your mother!!!!!

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  1. ron

    Happy Anniversary Babe. I hope you like the flowers. Don’t eat all the chocolates and you were supposed to get balloons as well. You are a wonderful mother and great wife and I appreciate everything you do and have done for our family. Thanks.

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