live junk!!!!

i have never seen so many obscure things blow thru a yard in my life????? the wind was insane today and i saw big, brown things sail thru my front yard!! i have no clue??? cats, coats, dogs, boxes, tree trunks????? who knows. but i now think the wind is gone for at least the next few days!!! yay. i stayed in the house today because i feared the safety of my own head. i was afraid something would fly thru the air and hit me. there are lots of cows in texas!! anyway, it was a lazy day. it was, as always, catch up on laundry day and complain i can’t get anything done day. zoey is much, much better. i know this because she told me ‘no’ several times today when i asked her various questions and tried to get her dressed and change her diaper. she also wanted to snack. an indication that her body is recovering. she eats almost as much as i do!! i have to hide food from her sometimes. i know, i know…not nice. i had a great booth day today, though!! sales were excellent, so i’ve decided that my mantra for the day isn’t about wind but about the celebration of………
i’ve included some projects i’m working on and a couple of pics from the house. i will upload some Flickr pics as well. one day, i’ll figure out how to make categories and navigation tools to help you get thru this blog better. same with flickr. i still haven’t the time to figure it out. i’m lucky i even get the pics posted! the above pic is a collage i made as a homage to germany and my many junking friends there!!!! you all know who you are!!!! thanks for making it so much fun! here is a another junking find….the doll…not the bear. i love them both!! a little scary, but still cute.
i love this pic of my bowl of vintage, beaded fruit!!!!!
now zoey is on my lap because she won’t sleep on her own tonight. poor thing. i get very, very little time to myself at night. about 30 minutes….long enough to do this blog. it is so much harder to make time with 2 kids. why didn’t anyone tell me??? hee hee. you get one happy and then the other one needs something. oh the life we mothers lead. bon bons, bon bons, bon bons!!!! so i scrap and junk to give myself a little distraction here and there….here are 2 works in progress. a little altered box and a vintage queen collage.
ane of course…the biggest queen of all helping me….she had a blast crafting and working her big brother’s tee shirt!!! get the pen out of your mouth. put down the glue. here…play with this old, glass hurricane cover…china bird, old corsage, vintage fruit and junk jewels…..cute, cute, cute. we sang Heart songs and watched stuff blow thru the yard. zoey couldn’t stop calling the picture of the lady about ‘baby’. she wanted to look at her over and over again.
okay….more tomorrow. it’s sooo late. live junk….
now that it is soooo late….i can safely say……to my fabulously young looking husband
HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!! 20 years!!
20 years of putting up with all my collecting, searching, storing, unorganization, imagination, and projects galore…not to mention all the other high maintenance stuff. shouldn’t we get paid for this job called marriage???
lots of love


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3 responses to “live junk!!!!

  1. ron

    Nice crafts mom. Zoey looks much better. What a cute little girl. I don’t know where she gets it from. Stay out of the wind. Sounds dangerous! Doesn’t sound like good bike riding weather. I hope it clears up before I get home. Ok, bye for now.

  2. lisa nichols

    Congrats to you both. i guess i never met Ron. Nice looking Sue. and of course you haven’t changed a bit and you don’t look for a second like you have 2 kids. have fun junking.


  3. Michele

    Dude, you will forever inspire me in ways beyond words. Keep that creative spirit flowing.
    BTW: You and Ron haven’t aged a bit.
    Miss & love ya,

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