words, words, words……

okay…it was a busy day…it’s super late and arek won’t go to bed. instead, he is making tags with me. whatever. my fabulous friend tina, from queens, sent me some great words that i can use for just about everything!!!! if it is something that stresses her out, i will love it!!!!! THANKS TINA!!! i love the stuff!! here is an anniversary tag that arek made for me and another tag that he was very proud of. said he wanted them on the blog….
arek tag
here are some paris tags i made with the fab words!!! i can’t make tags fast enough. they sell quickly, so i am always looking for ways to make them fun! i tea stained some old note cards and stamped paris stuff. that’s it!!
okay…tina…this is for you. it’s not endless love, but it’s sort of a thank you.
tina thanks
okay, more tomorrow. arek won’t leave me alone long enough to type anything and ole girl will wake up any minute shouting for me. we all need sleep….sleep… good night.

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  1. Amy K.

    Love the words from Tina! Tina taught us some great words from New York. I’m still telling my kids “Don’t get fresh with me!” Keep up the great blog Sue! Tina – kudos to those New York Giants!

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