while the rest of the human world is watching the superbowl and munching on cheese dip and chips and drinking a cold brewsky, i’m blogging. it’s a shallow world.

arek is watching monster’s inc. for the 100th million time and zoey is catching some zzzz’sss for a while. she should be really tired, but she’ll probably wake up any minute. the kids played in the backyard like it was summer today. i guess it was pretty warm…hmmm…superbowl sunday and the kids played in the water outside……. welcome to the south!


zoey wet

i managed to slip in a couple of projects today. i read this on another person’s blog. they dyed fake flowers with kool aid. i tried it w/an off brand drink mix and it worked great!!! i love the faded pink look it gave this mum!!!

pink mum

sooo sweet!!!!!!! i also managed to make a collage. i found this painted pink mum (more mums) at a thrift store for 50¢ and altered it with a little pink paint, this little angel lady, some glitter and a little word and heart. distressed it with sand paper and ink….. cute.

love collage

here is a close up.


i wish it was that simple….just love. that and a whole lot of patience…money….good health….boundless energy, etc….i needed this mantra earlier while i was in walmart and zoey was screaming in the buggy and arek was laying on the floor hugging his bear bear and not moving for anyone!!! people were pushing their carts around him. i was screaming at him to get up and trying to put stuff in the cart at the same time. he was curled up in a ball. aaahhhh. i just gave up and let him lay there. embarassing….love…humbug….i’ll give you love alright….heehee.

okay…my husband has informed me it’s time for me to think about corrective eye surgery. ack…scary. if anyone has any suggestions, let me know!! i have no clue. my eyesight is terrible lately and if i can improve it with surgery better than glasses, okay….maybe.

all i need is clear vision





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