blah, blah, blah…..

okay, there is no theme to today’s post. i am eating jelly bellys, getting more cavities and listening to yet….you guessed it….more wind!!!! the wind is crazy here, but i love to listen to it at night. it howls and makes my heavy, loud wind chimes sing. it sounds like halloween. it reminds me of my youth.

okay…so today is post stuff about my friends and family day. i have a picture of my mom and her two sisters, two pictures of my brother’s new rescued cats, pics of my friend Cheryl’s cottage inspired house and a pic of a sign for my booth i made from a trash picked board my friend Cindy from Germany gave me.

first, i have to post my brother Mike’s 2 new cats. Mike recently lost a cat to cancer caused by the injections they give them for vaccines. anyway, pooh bear was near and dear to my brother and his wife and will be very missed. well, now they have 2 fun little kitties keeping them busy that they rescued from pooh bear’s vet’s office.

joey and jetta……….



i came across this pic sent to me by my mom. it’s a family reunion picture taken last summer in Maine. i just adore it!! my mom (far right…black shirt) and her sisters look so happy. they always seem to have a blast when they see each other. must be all that cold, Maine air. fresh lobster. clean lakes. fried clams. caaaas paaarked in the gaaaaraage. who knows?


isn’t this exciting!!! cats and family pics!! hee hee. okay, this is exciting. my friend Cheryl from Georgia is a super, awesome decorator!! she love all things shabby and chic, cottage, vintage, timeworn…etc. she’s big into roses, vintage garden pieces, ladies hats, big shabby furniture, neat old kid’s toys, etc. she owned a shop for a while call the Shady Porch and always had so many unique and fabulous things to look at!! anyway, she gave me permission to share some of her house photos on my blog. THANKS CHERYL!! love them!!! you can ooze over her great displays and then you can visit her ebay store at*soda*shoppe. check her out if you have a chance!! i’ve listed her in my blogroll as well….here is a pic. of her fabulous, cottage inspired porch!!!! i remember my son swinging in her porch swing when he was a toddler and falling out of it a million times!! god bless all things vintage!!

porch 1

another porch pic!! love the cement poodle statue!!

porch 2

here are some inside pics of her house…lots of inspiration!!! lots of great ideas!! thanks!!




and lastly…i finally got a little sign thrown together for my booth…Crafters Corner in Copperas Cove. my friend Cindy gave me this board almost 2 years ago and i finally go around to fixing her up!! thanks Cindy….

keep on junking!!!


okay….more later. gotta get some zzzzzsssss. what are those??? oh…letters in the alphabet.





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2 responses to “blah, blah, blah…..

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue!! ~ Love all the pictures!! ~Very cute picture of Arek & Zoey with the lil’ red wagon!! ~ Adorable!! 🙂

  2. Mom


    In Maine they don’t paak their caas in the garaage; they paak them in the dooryaad.


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