lady fan

i love this old fan picture. so elegant, dreamy and romantic!! it was soooo windy today…didn’t need a fan at all, but today was a creative day!! i spent time this morning chatting with creative people, spent time in the booth, and spent time on the phone tonight talking to a dear friend that has as much creative energy as i do!! she makes purses and slipcovers and quilts and you name it!! as soon as she sends me some photos of her work, i’ll post it. it is always inspiring to find someone who loves to craft as much as i do.

it was a creative day with my son too. it was arek’s 100th day of school. they did creative projects all day based on the number…you guessed it…100!! other than that, not much to report. i will just show some pics of my booth after a redo today. i crammed a bunch of stuff into a very small space! it needs to sell quickly!! ack. lots of shabby stuff painted pink. that was the theme for this week i guess. it’s romantic.

i finally got my sign up and running. i love it!! simple, but it’s a bit of a focal point for now. would love an old awning or something, but i’ll settle for a little, green sign.

booth sign

more stuff…..

booth 1

booth 2

booth 3

booth 4

booth 6

<>wow…too much stuff!!! hey…i love a packed booth!! you always feel like you might find a really unique treasure. i try to keep it creative. that is all for now. as always….keep junkin!!




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3 responses to “creativity…..

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue!! ~You have a very cute booth!! ~ Love it!! ~ Hope all is well with you~Me & Brittany are just chillin’ today~ This is some crazy weather we are having!!~Don’t let the wild winds carry you away!!~Love ya!~Cheryl & Brittany 🙂 xoxoxo

  2. Michele

    Love the photo of your mom. How is she doing? Please send her my best. Arek and Zoey are amazing.

    Keep creating and keep being you….you’re inspiring all of us back here in Columbus.
    Love & miss you.

  3. vintagesue

    dude…..thanks!!! my love to you and mike and katie and scott!! hope you are safe from the weather.

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