shout out!!!!

okay…no pictures tonight. i will upload some tomorrow. but…..i want to give my friends in georgia a shout out. i hope everyone is okay. i know the weather was crazy and i hope it’s all gone now. i know how that weather can get….i remember spending the night sleeping under a big, metal thrift store desk when hugo came thru. i remember spending an afternoon with arek in the hallway with blankets and sirens during one of those hurricanes. crazy stuff!!! i hope you all are safe!!!!

take care georgia peeps…my love to you all!!


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4 responses to “shout out!!!!

  1. lisa nichols

    We are fine in this part of Georgia. We had some heavy rains and a little thunder but nothing bad. We were under a tornado watch but nothing ever came of it. Thank God. Glad to hear you and the kids are ok.


  2. Michele

    We’re good here….rain, thunder & wind…the usual drama. No crazy sirens (even though we still have no idea which sound means what! We just hide in bathrooms anyway.)

    Your peeps in GA miss ya! Katie is pregnant (boy) & due in May. Stumbled across a cool thrift mall in Valley, AL….wish you were here to wander it with us!

    Half, Half, Half…….

  3. you must have quite a few GA peeps, my mom is friends with one who directed me here – so add me to the Mississippi peeps list :). Just getting started on your blog, looks like you will be an old friend before long.

  4. vintagesue

    i will add you to the Mississippi peeps list indeed!! something goes down in Miss, i’ll shout out. Hey, maybe something great will happen there!! that will call for a bigger shout!! take care.

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