goodwill fever……

i’ve got a fever and the only prescription is more goodwill!!! i need more goodwill!! okay…for those of you who have seen the cowbell skit on SNL, you get it. anyway, back to the goodwill….i can’t stay out of the place!!! it’s a good drive for zoey’s nap, so i use that as an excuse to go. i got goodies today, so i can’t complain!! lots of cute dishes with little flowers, a cute tassle, big bowl, a beaded belt, a cute milk glass mini urn, sparkly red pipe cleaners, and weird garden stake thingys…ah the possibilities with those things!!! i also found some cute linens and other stuff. i will take some pics tomorrow of the booth again and the projects i’ve completed. here is a pic of my favorite finds today…..


a close up of the fabulous dishes!! i think i was charged about $2 or $3 bucks for the entire stack!!! do i keep them as a set? do i sell them as a set? do i break them up and use some for projects, some for the booth, some for my collection???? i don’t know yet. i just had to grab them up!! gack and all. (that is a term my junking buddy Cindy made up). here is a close up of the dishes…so sweet….
like i’m not already in thrift heaven, i have a stash of great things i’m fixing up for the booth. i found this neat shelf…brown ugh wood…good bones…and painted it out pink and decoupaged this scan of old tin. kinda cute….a project that cost less than $1!! the cute baby in the heart frame is arek when he was a baby…aaawwwww
also found this old bottle for less than a buck and added a some art i uploaded from online. looks like a neat old perfume bottle. i could add some briwax, shoepolish or a little ink to make the label look older. give it a more realistic vintage look. when i lived in europe, i went to france quite a few times to the flea markets. old french perfume bottles were outrageously expensive!!! couldn’t justify paying that much, so this is a good alternative. everything was expensive in france. don’t get me started on the paris flea markets…ahhhh…gorgeous stuff….totally couldn’t afford it!!! little waify french guys smoking too many cigs and not selling stuff cheaply to gawky, touristy americans. oh well…their loss. i have pics of the flea markets somewhere. i need to find them and scan them. neat, neat stuff…..but like one bistro chair was 200euros. whatever.
again…a closer look at arek in the heart frame when he was a baby…soo cute.
and a sweet pic of zoey right before her dance mode. she loves that song about a girl gettin low on the dancefloor….next thing you know she got low, low, low, low, low….anyway…zoey gets all happy when that song plays on the radio and she says “low, low, low” a million times and bounces up and down. this is her tuning in…..ears perked….
that’s my girl….
zoey dance
i’m going for now. i’ve had a bad headache and stomach ache for a few hours now. very tired and sinus pressure. we all have allergy stuff going on….i love texas.
oh wait…i love the goodwills in texas. let me rephrase that….i need more goodwill.


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6 responses to “goodwill fever……

  1. Cheryl

    Pretty dishes..I think I have some with the same pattern..or close to want them?? How about a box of treasures for you and your booth?? I have a lot of smalls…just let me know! Carol is also having a yard sale saturday..Lots of stuff~I will find you some great crafters junque! 🙂 Zoey is too cute!~Hope you all get to feeling better..Brittany & Rachel send hugs & kisses!! ~xoxoxo~Love ya! Cheryl 🙂

  2. lisa nichols

    I’m glad you have good stuff at your goodwill. ours is just too expensive and they hardly ever have good junk. i love the china. beautiful. zoey sounds so much like Kaitlyn. she loves to dance too. sounds like zoey has good taste in music because i like that song too. wish you were here.


  3. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Zoey is a cutie!! There is definitely no good junk at the goodwills here~let me know if you want more goodies~I have some dishes similar to the ones you just found~And lots of other small treasures~Like the good ole days..I would love to put a box of fun junk together for you!! Take care~Cheryl 🙂

  4. ron

    Don’t do it Sue….we have enough junk without mailed junk…

  5. Cindy

    Hey, I’m starting to make the blog as often as the kids!

    I love, love, love Ron’s comment about mailed junk, but sorry Ron, a woman can never have too many diamonds, too much chocolate, or too much junk!

  6. vintagesue

    did you hear that ron??? did you hear??? never too much junk!! hee hee

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