sick day…roses make it go away!!

as if zoey hasn’t been sick enough…ron with his terrible cold…why the h#@* not arek with a bad case of the throw ups and me with a sore throat….ack!!! does it end? what is it about texas that we keep getting sick???? arek was up (oh..zoey too) from midnight until 3am throwing up. yay. zoey was jumping off the coffee table….and me…..oh….was i ready to pass out and give up. oh well….lol. i let arek stay home today….a sick day!! of course we still had errands to run. it was nice to get to spend time with him alone…sick as he was. now he is drinking cheap, canned chicken broth and acting like he’s eating at the white house. he says…”oh mom…i love this chicken soup”. do i not cook for my family?????

now i’m listening to folk alley on itunes. my FAV!!! love it, love it, love it. i kept it streaming alllllll the time when i lived in germany. it felt like home. it’s a good mix of modern folk and old school bluegrass. it’s amazing!! i listen to nothing else on itunes radio but this. check it out if you have the time!

another good find tonight!!! OH MY GOSH….what a dreamy website. all lovers of cottage….you will take delight in this!! i promise! as soon as i learn to make links, i’ll put an actual link in my blog post instead of a website address. sorry….just a little slow with technology. anyway…check out this website and blog. delightful!!! between the folk music and the cottage roses, i’ve almost forgotten that it feels like someone is putting out lit cigarettes in the back of my throat. hmmmmm.

this sweet, vintage pillowcase makes me smile…a dose of vintage roses a day keeps the doctor away.


sweet. and i love this old clock i found today. it’s very unusual. i can’t seem to stop collecting old clocks. well…i can’t seem to stop collecting anything really. i’d collect old crusty undergarments if i knew there were some old roses and sequins on them.


and of course…arek looking pitiful. he even missed his first cubs meeting today. they made pizza and he missed it and didn’t care. you know a boy is sick when he doesn’t care about pizza. when canned chicken broth takes precedents over gooey, cheesy, pizza….you have a boy with a case of the blues. oh sick day. well now he’s eating jelly bellys, so i guess he’s feeling better. they aren’t pink cottage roses, but they are almost as sweet. take care.
jelly belly




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2 responses to “sick day…roses make it go away!!

  1. ron

    Sick boys don’t eat jelly beans but in this case I guess mom made an exception. I wonder what gave him the throw ups. I couldn’t sleep last night. Some how we were probably connected and I knew something was wrong…somewhere. I’ll be home soon. Arek, don’t get me sick!

  2. lisa nichols

    Its not just Texas. We are all sick here in GA too. Kaitlyn has been running fever since Thursday. Of course the doctor says its just a sinus infection. I’m tired of this. I’ll be glad when summer gets here and we can get out in the fresh air. Maybe then everyone won’t be sick. I know it doesn’t help with the weather changing every day like it does.


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