under the weather…under the covers…

oh my gosh, have i been sick!!! sick, sick, sick!!! totally under the weather…no, not the kind of sick where i have a little cold, the kind of sick where i have been under the covers and shivering!!! yuck!!! what do i have????? ack???? i have a dr.’s appt. today. will find out more. i haven’t had the strength to do anything. yesterday was the worse. it was incredibly hard to rest and have arek and zoey bouncing on me. ron was home, but what help was he?? those of you with husbands and kids know what i’m talking about!! when the husband is sick, the whole family tiptoes around his ‘sick’ bed and makes sure he gets plenty of rest, but if the wife is sick….well….who will get food, who will clean the house, who will entertain the kids, who will give the kids a bath, who will run to the store, etc…..now my house looks like a frat party crash pad, but i don’t care. it’s amazing all the things we do everyday. i know this because when i am sick, they don’t get done! women do soooo much. we work, clean, keep the kids happy, cook meals, keep the husband fed, go to meetings, go to soccer games or cub scouts or wherever, and somewhere in there, we try to find time for ourselves. it’s a mad world. i don’t know why i am rambling…..i have this taste in my mouth like metal. it’s gross. i have a headache, body aches, ear aches, sore throat, chest pain (from coughing so much), and no appetite. that’s a dead giveaway that something is wrong…when i don’t want to eat, i know i am sick!! anyway, i have a few pics from saturday. projects, goodwill finds, etc.

the first is this cute little sign. found the frame for like nothing and painted it out, had the ribbon, printed the sign on my computer and voila….a cute little french sign

b & b

i also found this super cute red samsonite…the london sticker already attached. i plan to decoupage a couple more little travel things to it and sell it. i love this suitcase! zoey is helping me showcase it.


here is a box of great finds…..paid like $4 for all of it. i see great potential!! the suitcase needs to be repainted….

box bling

i also found this great pink basket….love it!! so chippy and cute. i think it was 50¢. what a great find.


and lastly….i scored big time…found these designer purses!! i don’t think they are knockoffs. the kate spade lable is sewn on. the anna sui purse is adorable!!! it pays to really dig!


okay folks, that’s about all i can handle right now. my head is aching sooo bad and i just feel terrible. i need to go get arek from school and zoey from daycare. i am thankful i have a good provider that will take zoey on a moment’s notice! ack….i’ve been sleeping in peace all morning. lets hope this ick goes away soon. i miss eating. i don’t want to spend anymore time under the covers!! there are too many fun projects to do!!



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2 responses to “under the weather…under the covers…

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    I sure hope you get to feeling better real soon! Cute pictures! Especially the one of Zoey with her “Cutie nametag”!!~ She is totally adorable! Take care of yourself~Love ya! 🙂

  2. lisa nichols

    I hope you get to feeling better soon. sounds like you have the flu. did you get the flu shot? I never do. Let us know what the doctor says and take it easy. all of your projects will be there when you get to feeling better.


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