president’s day…

well, it was a good president’s day, i guess. the weather here was great! i spent a bunch of money at walmart…what’s the deal with walmart and spending money????? i go in and try to knock everything out at the same time, and i always forget some important item and i always spend too much money. ack. today was no exception. i get so tired and overwhelmed that i end up buying random items like styrofoam balls and forget important things like dish soap. consumerism gets the best of me when i get into that place!!!

i did manage to snap a couple of pics this weekend, though. i have a picture of ron and arek on a nature walk. that’s their father/son time where ron teaches arek survival skills and they bond. i would do it, but arek and i wouldn’t make it to nature. we would be too busy getting distracted by a big trash pile on the side of the road. anyway, i have those pics, a pic of miss thang with a barbie tierra on her head and a couple of project pictures.

first….my project pics….i always find these cheap, wooden candle holders at the goodwill bargain center. they are a dime a dozen. i also seem to find lots of random glass candle holders with no home. well, i found a fond way to marry the two and get a great little mosiac too!!! i am too lazy to grout stuff. i just leave it all rustic and pointy…..

i had arek help me break up the china pieces. he thought that was a lot of fun! i put the china in an old towel and whacked away with a big hammer!!!!







close up
what a fun project!!

here is ron and arek having some bonding time on their nature walk……

dad arek

arek in the tall grasses getting swallowed by nature!!!


lastly…missy poo looking rather confused about the way to style a tierra…go girl!!


whatever works….who knows…maybe one day she’ll be president!! lol…..s


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  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Cute pictures of Arek & Zoey! They grow so fast, don’t they?! I am glad you are feeling better! Take care! Love ya’…Cheryl, Brittany, Rachel, And Big frosty too! 🙂 LOL!!

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