lazy day……

okay…weather is blah. i still feel blah. this post is going to be blah. blah, blah, blah….it’s project day and file day and tag day and business card day. guess it’s kind of the way arek feels when he has to do homework instead of watching tv or playing on the computer. but onto more important things…

first off….THANKS CHERYL!!! for sending me such a great gift!!!! i got a fabulous old beaded top to put on my PARIS manequin!! i already have her all dolled up!!! you can visit my friend cheryl’s ebay site…vintage soda shoppe for more goodies!!!! she has exceptional taste in the cottage/vintage look!!!

beaded 1

beaded 2

i love this on my manequin that i got in Metz, France!!! i paid 45 euros for it and don’t regret it a bit!!! i adore it!!

okay….so yesterday was drag home some furniture i totally don’t need day, but look how cute!! i got a great, little shabby wicker desk for $10. i think it looks cute!!


close up of my sweet, rescued laptop that ron saved from the juice arek spilled on it!!

i also found a really cute vintage green chair. i’ll upload tht pic someday. it was a whopping $12. i also managed to sneak out some projects this weekend. a couple of collages. today is project day as well. i have to clean files, do projects and make some business cards. i am down to my last 2 at the booth. i would much rather shop today, but sometimes it’s the discipline of maintenace, organization and projects that is needed. maybe that’s the blah in today….who knows??? what did i just say????

here are a couple of little collages i made….collage

here is another i made from a cheap, 50¢ pictured i painted over. out with the outdated 70’s picture, and in with the collage!! i hung it from a silk scarf i found for almost pennies.

junk collage

here is another view…..


and of course….my baby looking rather content with her brother’s blanket during snack time. she’s blurry, but she’s cute!!!!!!!

zoey blanket

cutie, cutie, cutie…


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  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue! Surprise! I’m glad you love the beaded top! It is so you! Love all your pictures! Great collages! I love that trophy loving cup! Where did you find that? It’s awesome! The wicker desk looks very cute too!!

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