lolipops and hair pulling…..

i totally love thursdays!! it’s goodwill and ladies charity thrift day!!! zoey loves it too! she gets fig newtons and a poppi…(lolipops). she also gets sticky fingers that turn into sticky hands that turn into glue like appendages that pull and stick to my hair when she’s tired and in the backpack. ugh. today was no exception. she pulls my hair as hard as she can, gets her sticky fingers stuck and then giggles hysterically while i tear up and bleed. okay. then zoey and i ate mexican food for lunch. what a riot!!! zoey got into a fight with a plate of rice and refried beans. i think she scared the man behind me away. he ate rather quickly and left immediately. i bet he’s never spent an afternoon alone with a 1 year old. he has no idea what he is missing!!

well…it was a pretty good thrift day. found some really neat stuff. i think my favorite find was the 10 yards or so of vintage floral fabric i found way at the bottom of the g.w. bin. i don’t have a clue what i will do with it, but it’s soooo beautiful, i couldn’t leave it there!!!

rose fabric

i also found a darling crocheted blue and white throw, a chenille pillowcase, a tea towel with little strawberries on it and some vintage flowers, a plate, a little cute pink vintage purse and some other goodies. not bad and all under $10. oh yeah…found this darling elephant wall hanging as well….

toy elephant

another favorite find today is this religious statue i found for a quarter. i couldn’t believe it!! marked 1966 on back and stamped ‘made in italy’.


some other finds…..a huge suitcase for $1. i will paint it pink and ‘fu fu’ it up. found a gorgeous vintage nightgown cut on the bias. love it!! a bunch of cute craft ribbon, vintage, 10¢ a piece!! a vintage pink hat, some kitchen goodies and these plates…..

rose plates

lastly….i love this little pot holder. found it for 25¢ i think. couldn’t leave it in a bin!! someone worked really hard to make her.

that’s about it. my shallow day….yes, the debates were on tonight in austin, texas and i picked american idol instead. arrested development. okay…make those girls stop crying already about folks getting kicked off!! they have known eacher other 10 minutes and they act like old souls. what am i saying….i can’t stop watching that goofy show.

okay…out to check if arek’s asleep or just pretending. zoey is knocked out and i can’t stop eating!!!


oh…one more thing. i re styled my business card. here’s a look….


i bring new items into the shop at least 2 times a week!! if you are in town, check out the booth!!!



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3 responses to “lolipops and hair pulling…..

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue! Love the fabric! You can send me a yard or two! I’d be happy to take it off your hands! Very Pretty!! You did great this week at Goodwill! The Goodwills, etc. here are horrible! They are closing the one here on Whitesville Road and moving it to Veteran’s Parkway next to Muldoon’s and The Crate! I hope they get some better stuff! Hey, Your new business cards look great! Hugs to you, Arek and Zoey! We love you!! Take care!!

  2. Hi Sue and welcome to blogland. Sue from Vintage Rescue Squad sent me over. I am putting you in my favs on goggle reader. See ya soon and come on over for a visit at my place.

  3. vintagesue

    Hi Mandy…
    blogland is confusing still, but i’m having a blast!!
    Sue would love some of these junking jaunts in Texas…you too!! it’s 80 degrees out today and it’s a gardner’s, yard sale, junkers paradise!!
    i still miss the north, though. i’ll blog roll you.
    take care…sue

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