the wind is back!!!!


okay, spring hasn’t sprung yet. i take it all back!! the wind was crazy today! cold and crazy. i went junkin early this morning and (don’t ask) found a way to get this super old table back to my house. my husband would have banned me from the ‘family’ car had he seen the way i drove the treasure home (only 1 block) in the back of our ‘good’ car. i need my husband’s truck on tues. mornings! it’s the bulk trash day around here and today wasn’t bad! had i more room, i could have dragged home a cute dresser (wood and painted white) and a low to the ground coffee table that would have converted nicely to a bench, 2 puppies, an oil well, 6 cows and a big texas hat…i’m embellishing a bit. but i do feel like easter is just around the corner and that means warm weather, projects and great easter finds….see below from my friend cindy…..

here is a pic of my finds. great old table i’ll paint white, mop buck i will paint pink and decoupage a copy of a vintage book illustration to and a plant/table stand….black iron…hhhmmm. possibly a great candle holder for a huge dining table or outdoor table. i may hang prisms from it and paint it white or pink. i’ll turn it the other way and put a vintage plate on it or painted terra cotta pot or something to put a candle in. we will see.


i also took some pics of my current projects….a collage in progress….collage

also, i painted a narrow wooden hanger pink and glued vintage buttons to it.


pic of my latest purse….love this and paid about 50¢ for it!!


and a pic of my latest back porch seating area…found the table in germany for 20 euros and the bistro chairs in germany for 7euros a piece. painted them pink. love them!


speaking of germany and euros, my junkin buddy cindy sent me current pics of her bling she’s recently found in some floh marts and junk stores in germany. LOVE her finds!!! cheap, vintage, cute and european!!! check them out…..

cindy 1

cindy 2

easter cindy

cindy 3

cindy 4

plates cindy

my favorites are these fab plates!! like 10 euro cents a piece!!! wow….love them!! cindy loves to junk…even with 5 kids and a very demanding, domestic schedule, she still manages to find the greatest stuff, make the cutest crafts and organize what she finds. i don’t know how she gets it all done. we often spent much time admiring each others ‘junk’ displays in our small german housing yards a year ago! her displays were always way more clever than mine were! the stuff we would find!! i wish i had pics of what we turned it into. we kept our little german quarters very interesting….gave the neighbors something to stare at…we were all guided by junk….very inspiring!!!!! thanks cindy!

and of course…my favorite american idol…..looking wild and curious.
close zoey

okay…beddy bye time…the sandman is on his way…the wind will blow him in and then a girl’s gotta get some rest so she can keep on junkin…..




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7 responses to “the wind is back!!!!

  1. cheryl mehaffey

    Great Finds!! Can’t wait to see how pretty they will be after you paint them out!! Love your porch Sue!! Very Cottage Chic!! I would love to come visit and drink hazelnut coffee with you and look at magazines! 🙂

  2. lisa nichols

    I love your porch also. I finally bought another auctioned storage booth this weekend. Not much in there but there was a green ottoman from the 70’s. I’m sure you would love it. And there was a small wooden table with one shelf. I also have some china with red roses and gold trim. I’ll send you a picture and see if you are interested. They are beautiful. If you were closer we might could do some swapping. love the picture of zoey.


  3. Cindy

    You are too kind, your junk displays were way cooler than mine and you are still famous around here as “that lady who lived by the playground and had all that stuff in her yard” Stuff is said with either a grimace or envy depending on the speaker’s take on shabby chic and junking!
    Bulk trash pick up at Ft Hood? Whooppee! I have been wondering how I will fill my need for free junk when we move there.

  4. Woohoo, I found another kindred spirit.
    I found your blog through ANOTHER vintagesue at vintage rescue squad. If you are in Cove, then we are only 45 min. apart. Which GW do you shop at? Ours is so crappy I haven’t bought a thing in…..well it’s been that long. I save my moola and hit the GW clearance center in Austin.

    I will be visiting your blog often. Mind if I add it to MY blogroll?

  5. vintagesue

    hey oliveoyl….what a crack up that you are only 45 min. away!!!! i go to the harker heights gw. love it. also the cove! you can totally add me to your blogroll and i’ll add you to mine as well. we should meet somewhere and shop!! i’m slowly learning the thrifting in texas. what a big place!! okay…crying baby…gotta go. sue

  6. I see you have a booth too.

    I have never been thrifting in the “Hood” area, so it would be fun for something different. I will give you a heads up ahead of time if I can swing a weekday off. We have springbreak in March, so that could be a possibility.


  7. I thought your blog was so awesome that I not only added you to my link list, I made a post about you and how I found you.


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