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where is my paper bag????

okay, okay….so i made my hubby drive me and the kiddos 130+miles with 2 huge boxes of sugary snacks to see what the big deal is about Round Top, Texas and the whole Zapp Hall Warrenton, Texas flea market thingy. OKAY…I GET IT!!! WOW, OH MY GOSH, TOTALLY FANTASTIC. where was my paper bag???? i couldn’t breathe! i was sooooo star struck. so humbled. so overwhelmed with beauty. so taken with junkitis. i couldn’t breathe. everytime i stumbled upon a cool booth, it took more oxygen from my body. by the time we left, i was an ameoba (did i spell that right?).

okay..i took a billion pics. i brought NO cash. i planned to buy nothing because i had the hubby and kids and let’s face it…how much awesome flea stuff can one woman buy with the hubby and kids? i was on a time schedule for each booth. i plan to go back in the fall. i plan to bring cash. i know which vendors i will see. you could spend an eternity at this flea market and still miss something fabulous.

here goes the day in photos for you. enough about me acting like i just sat at a round table at the golden globes.

FIRST STOP….ZAPP HALL in Warrenton, Texas. it’s well known for Carolyn Westbrook’s booth, Uncommon Objects, Dead People’s Stuff and the Junk Gypsies….I HAD A CHANCE TO MEET THEM!!!! i acted like a fool. i was star struck. where was my paper bag?????

here is a photo of Carolyn Westbrook’s Booth. she’s known for her linens and fabulous taste in decorating. i love her style…elegant…so sophisticated, but still very cottage and timeworn. love it!


next we were off to the Junk Gypsie’s Booth, but detoured into this fabulous booth. didn’t get their names, but ohhhhh sooooo oooohhh la la vintage gaa gaa. love it….i needed a bag to breathe in for this booth.




after i drooled over all that stuff, we wandered toward the Gypsie’s booth. on the way, zoey had some fun with some pink flamingos! she’s such a junker.


poor arek…all he wanted to do was sit down!! he kept sitting on things that were fragile and expensive. stop already. he couldn’t stop sitting on expensive chairs and sofa in this fabulous group of booths!!!!



loved this booth!!! it’s Theresa’s booth from Vintage Garden Antiques. check out her blog if you want all the insight into the world of Texas Flea Haunting!!!!!! my my….she will load you with incredible pictures of booth displays and store displays of all her favorite shopping places. she has some really cool garden displays!! i lost a picture of her huge birdcage at the front of her booth filled with all kinds of little vintage goodies. sooo unusual.



then it was off to the Junk Gypsies Booth. if you haven’t had time to check out their website and blog…i have it listed in my blogroll…check it out. lots of inspiration from this mother/daughter duo. they have lots of press and for good reason…really fun vintage, texas, cowgirl, funky, hippie, gypsie style. makes ya want to take off your heels and put on some boots and shop till you drop.


after this, we found a booth i just thought was insanely cute….love the barstool covers made from old hankies. i look extremely vintage in this pic too…especially my gray hair. that’s what having kids when you are 40+ will do.

then it was on to Uncommon Objects.…out of Austin, Texas i believe. what funky stuff!!! really different. really unique and junky cool. love the whole vibe of this booth! got really inspired by their vintage garden flair and unusual displays. also a great website to check out! bag for this booth.





and if that wasn’t enough….i got a kick out of this sign from this booth. it’s the actual name of this vendor’s booth. didn’t have time to check it out, but i thought the sign said it all.

as if i hadn’t seen enough (there are fields upon field of vendors!!!!!), i found this incredible booth. the woman who runs does not have a website or a blog. it’s too bad. she’s amazing and her work is sooooo beautiful and unique and i would love to see more!!! her booth and business are call the Tattered Rose. wow!!! so many inspiring shabby things to look at!! she makes amazing mosiacs, pillows, pins, pendants, altered boxes, etc. fab, fab, fab!!! glitter and girly stuff all the way. total 2 breathing bagger. loved it!




my my….what great things. so sweet. okay….so i found a vendor not as sweet and romantic as this, but more family oriented….with some unusual things that were more on the shabby side. my family laughed at me as i took interest in this pitiful, old doll. had i had $5, i would have grabbed her on the spot. i just didn’t have enough time to react and get her. vendor said he’s been dragging her around a long time. looks like it’s been a really long time.


scary….here is arek and me and zoey all enjoying this booth.



i managed to get thru that booth w/out loosing too much o2. no bag needed there. only to help the poor soul that gets scared of that gacky doll.

after all this, we went into the actual Zapp Hall building (i think. don’t quote me on this one) and found this great vendor. Willow’s Nest. also…there is a website for this. LOVE the subtle, vintage, romantic, european chic style of this booth. lots of hand crafted items here and very, very inspiring.



next, we we headedd off to the other side of the road. went to Cat’s Meow, but didn’t take any pics. i think it was in Campbell’s Hall ( i probably got that all wrong). anyway, it was another hall other than Zapp and almost directly across the street. lots of cools stuff again!! i found this vendor and was inspired by all the bright colors and painted furniture. lots of hand painted signs and teacups and mill flowers glued to everything!!! soooooo cute.


and arek….with all the cool stuff to look at…is drawn to the simple things in a child’s world. after this, he just asked if we could go home. guess he’d seen enough. guess i’d seen enough. guess we’d all seen enough. very, very fun and interesting and inspiring day.

as if that isn’t enough, i have easter pictures of the kids i didn’t upload during easter.




that’s all for now. you all come back…ya hear. and bring your bag with you!!




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shed purge…….

CALLING ALL JUNKERS!!!! CALLING ALL JUNKERS!!!! today was shed purge day!!

i was brave today and tried to organize and clean my shed. okay…what a MESS. ugh…it’s a relief to get rid of stuff, but it’s also quite daunting and overwhelming to think i purged 4 huge tubs of stuff to another crafter and i still managed to have 10 plastic butterflies from the 1970’s. am i going to end up on Dr. Phil as one of those hoarders???? i dare Dr. Phil to come romp in my shed. he would take great delight when i give him a paint brush, some decoupage glue and some old rhinestones and glitter to glue to all my plastic butterflies waiting their turn at a sparkly transformation to shine once again to the world. analyze that.

to make a long, boring afternoon story short, i managed to purge, get sidetracked, purge some more and then get sidetracked again, then uncover more stuff on top of the purged stufff……ffff…f.f…then put stuff in bags, then move it from one bag to the other, then from one box to the other, then in the get rid box, then in the trash…. ugh. i just make a bunch of work for myself. thank god i’m not a turtle. there would be no room in that shell for my 99 cast off frames and 62 mis-matched candle sticks and my 10 bags of unopened glue sticks. i don’t have that many of each, but you get the point!! how many paper doilies can one crafter use????????? i don’t know, but i win the $100 prize.

i managed to find a bunch of emphemera…old cards, post cards, what nots and vintage pictures. i forgot i even had them. they call that something. i got so excited about discovering them again, i made a couple of photo collages.




okay…now that i’ve spilled my secret about my hoarding tendencies, i will bore you with another couple of collage pictures. i made these a few days back with my endless (like you can EVER have enough) supply of trinkets and unique little goodies.

the first one is a happy anniversary collage made from old lace, discard wood, a chalkware angel, old anniversary ribbon, vintage photos, jewels and mill flowers.


the collage below is made from free online art, old cardstock, xmas ornaments, jewels, glitter and paint.wishcollage

it was a long day…cub scouts, errands, i cooked 3 meals today, and don’t forget….SHED PURGE. oh yes…one last thing. arek made me the SWEETEST paris sign from an old shutter slat….LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. he wanted to make some crafts with my paint pen, so i let him make a bunch of signs……


i love the Eifel Tower…or as arek calls it….the E.F. i don’t know what that ball is on the top. it looks a little like that thing rocky climbs at the end of the rocky horror picture show. OH ROCKY…thanks arek. i love it.

okay…tomorrow we might head out to round top for the big flea market shindig…(is that really a word???). i will snap lots of photos and try to keep the drool in my mouth. we probably won’t go. it’s a rainy forecast. don’t want no wet junk! especially plastic butterflies from the 70s! take care.



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meltdowns and freebies!!

no, i don’t mean chocolate bunnies…..i mean zoey!!! 5 meltdowns today. 5. FIVE. 10-5=5 meltdowns. foreshadowing…..future meltdowns. yikes. can i handle it? she couldn’t have my keys, then she couldn’t eat the soap, than she had to get out of the tub. oh….wait…you mean you don’t want a diaper on? okay….poop attack on the floor? i don’t think so. oh, yes….it’s cold, but we can’t sleep without any clothes on again. PUT ON CLOTHES. no, take off clothes. oh yes….then there was the car seat magician escape meltdown. yay. i can’t wait until she’s 2. i won’t leave the house. sigh. oh these are the little battles. i will miss her sweet meltdowns when she dangles the car keys in front of my face and asks me if she can wear my earrings. i won’t know the difference between the two. i’ll be too old to see. hell, i’m too old to see right now! love you little girl.


okay…enough about toddler meltdowns. time for the fun stuff. projects and new booth pictures!!! but before that…what is up with that GREEN house giveaway on HGTV. don’t those home interior designers know it’s chic to shop cheap. duh. thrift was in way before GREEN….that yuppie buzzword for “oh….you can find cool stuff at thrift shops and recycle in the process?” i understand the need for a home that saves energy and money. that’s fine, but when you put recycle bins in arm’s reach of ‘little fingers’, you will waste energy cleaning up more than you bargained to recycle for. oh yes…and the ‘stocked’ pantry of GLASS jars….that’s safe for kids. okay…maybe i’m jealous, but i’ve been freecycling and recycling for years. i think there is no better way to go GREEN than to use what you have and trade what you need. i don’t need a million dollars to do that. i put too much thought into the show. i’ve probably offended 10,000 people. oh…but i guess i would live in the house if you gave it to me. i’d just move those bins.

okay…speaking of free stuff…trashed picked board made into ‘america the beautiful‘ collage. mixed media….


here is a teacup that was headed for the trash and a candle holder in the free pile recycled as a tea light holder.


i’m so tacky!!! i hot glued (yes i did) some embellishments to these cast off pillows… they include doilies, little quilt hearts and discount xmas ornaments. i liked the ones i saw in fredericksburg so much, i decided to experiment a little and came up with this.


i also have some booth pictures i took today. i got inspired by shopping at GATHERINGS in georgetown, texas and made my own little garden area.


here are some other booth pics…..


booth 5


okay…if all that craziness didn’t blow your mind…here are a few pics of my friend Cheryl’s house. you can find her ebay at vintage soda shoppe. she changes her home displays frenquently and i thought you may be inspired by her new dining room look!!! LOVELY!!! thanks Cheryl.





soooo pretty. thanks again.

oh and mom….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! now go eat some toast!


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easter greetings…..


wishing you all well this easter sunday. may you be blessed with a wonderful spring day!!!!!

i love this card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love the old edges and the fancy, old roses on the center. enjoy!
i found it from flickr as well as the one above. you can find my favorite images there if you click my flickr box on the right.
okay….so today i managed to go to Gatherings in Georgetown Texas…as well as Rough and Ready Antiques. if you can ever make it to either place, please do!!!! it’s worth the trip!!!
have a wonderful easter…

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quick project!!!!!!

okay…i whipped up a funky, shabby candle stick project that takes almost no time and costs almost nothing!!!!! i bought a bunch of random ‘junk’ at g.w. today and decided i could make something from it. i hate to see it just get tossed. i love to find those goofy home interior’s glass candle holders. they work on just about any old candle holder. i also use junk ‘tea cups’ for candle holders as well.


i just took a bunch of random, boring brown wood candle sticks and a few of those home interiors glass candle holders and glued them together. i painted them out to match…a light violet/lavender color…sanded them lightly and used bead/glass glue to glue them together.


i also had some random glass candle holders and one glass coaster. i just shabbied it all up and they are ready for some tea lights and a great display!!!! here is another view of the finished project. they would look really elegant with some pearls glued around them or some tulle around the bases off all three candle sticks.

don’t know if you’ve checked out this month’s issue of country living yet, but there is a project section with old doilies that i adore!!!! such cute stuff….

here is the website. with the help of my hubby, i can now make a link!!!!


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ack…photo attack. what a handful!!!!

V A C A T I O N ! ! ! !


this week has been a handful!!!! hey all…..just got in from a mini vacation to Fredericksburg, Texas. can anyone say cutesville USA????? guess they put the ute in cute….what a charming town!!!!! if you are ever in texas, check it out!!! EXPENSIVE, but cute. we stayed in a b&b above a bakery….lovely…and good baking aromas in the morning. zoey and arek were wild both nights and probably drove the other folks staying there nuts, but we had fun anyway. oh…and there was cable for american idol!!! we ate a lot of german food, listed to live music, shopped, walked, laughed, screamed at each other, slept, rested, and walked….A LOT…above is a picture of us on Enchanted Mountain to prove it. we climbed up a HUGE granite mountain….in the wind….ron with zoey in tote both ways….ron talking on his cell phone the entire time both ways…..ack. anyway, we made it. here we are at the summit. it was a fun day…..

the first day we were there though…i had a chance to sneak away from the kids and ron and check out a store i’ve been reading about for a loooonnnngg time. it’s called HOMESTEAD owned by Carol Hicks Bolton and her husband. you texans know it. anyway….very upscale antique store with the most amazing chandies designed by Carol Hicks Bolton…big bell shaped chadeliers that swoop down with shiny fabrics and lots of trimmings….soooo cool. i had a chance to snap up some shots of the store and meet her husband. i acted foolish like i’d just met brad pitt. how silly i can be. i managed to snap several pictures of the goodies i totally couldn’t afford. the back part of the store is filled with shades of white, chippy craziness…layers and layers of old, crusty statues, furniture, mirrors, and dolls…other stuff too. just incredible!!!! pillows gallore…way too expensive for me, but i can imitate and make some of my own stuff after getting ideas from the vendors. i have a bunch of pics for you to look at………..A BUNCH OF PICS….OH STOP.


love this layout. just wild!


shabby lamp with tulle just draped around a shade frame.


love how this mirror is tied up with wire and layered over another picture.


here is a bell shaped key chandie made from old wire, keys, locks and old lamp parts. so funky and HUGE!


a lightbulb chandie….made from lights, ribbon and old lamp parts. you have to see this thing for real to really appreciate it’s beauty!!


a fab old birdcage, chippy green and pink together…love it.


this chandie is fab!!!!! it was a big focal point walking up the stairs into the upper gallery.


love these crusty old dolls. very expensive, but very cool looking in this crate. like they are riding the freight elevator to a punk rock party.


i went nuts over this lamp!!! it’s wicked expensive, but i plan to make something close to it soon.


this vendor was my fav. incredible shabby, pink things.


so sweet.


love this ticking pillow. it was super $$$$$. i plan to make some like it.


love this wreath made from mismatched s&p shakers. says ‘you are the salt of the earth’. how adorable.



i went nuts over these porcelain flower. they were all in a grouping and just looked fantastic.


this is my favorite. i love this photo holder from france!!


just fab old neat stuff!!!!!!!

okay…more family photos……………….


arek on the mountain next to a little stream of water.


zoey on the mountain next to a texas cactus flower. she’s acting like it might attack.


zoey pic at a wild, zoo fari tour. we took a tour on 365 acres of exotic animals….HOW FUN. this was next to the petting zoo. it was scary. one of the deer like animals chewed my shirt for like 5 minutes and wouldn’t let go. arek was crying hysterically to get out of the fence while a llama was being somewhat imposing and nosey. yikes. i’m such a city girl. don’t know nothing bout no wild animals.

here she is on the tour bus with ron.


okay…different date…pics before our trip. here is a darling one of arek and zoey during an ice cream snack attack.


and here are some pics of my latest projects. i plan to hit the booth maybe saturday. we’ll see. it’s been a crazy week. handfull. i found a GREAT thrift store in fredericksburg. crazy cute floral plates, milk glass, old doll, the sweetest pale pink shabby basket, old planter, tons of roses on the dishes, etc….shabby, cute, cottage!!!! good prices!!!

i will put in booth and snap some pics. soon.


found this file box for $1 in a junk store. it was brown and UGLY. i painted it lavender, added some cute cutouts, put a porcelain rose knob on it and decoupaged a cute rose napkin on it too. i think it’s darling!


made some cute button flowers for my sweet little salt shaker. love the virgin mary night light.


found this sweet photo for $1 in an antique mall. i think it’s super cute.


what is a princess without her crown???? a sweet little princess without her crown crawling on my table!!!!!!!


that’s enough for one day…..whew……this post is a bit all over the place. that’s how we’ve been this week….all of us….all over the place. what a handful!!!!! hope you enjoyed.



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there is a snake in my boot!!!!!!

so the theme of the day…..snake eyes (or should i say snakeskin)!!!! i was on my way out the door today to go on a junking expedition with zoey and…voila….ACK….no, this is not an obscene picture…it’s a SNAKESKIN!!!!!


it was dangling over my head like an old cobweb in the corner. yikes. where there is a snakeskin, there is a OKAY….SNAKE. he is probably lurking in the laundry room right now…eating my chocolate chip cookies and waiting for me to do a bleach load. i can’t live this way….all these critters. when i first moved here, i thought i saw a cat in my front yard, but it was a FOX and it was right by my window looking at my plants or stalking us to eat us. then i was doing some yard work last summer and the HUGEST spider in the world crawled out from the plantings. AAAAAAHAHHHH. a GIANT wolf spider!!!!! he was sooooo big and old, he was missing 2 legs. i’m getting the heebbbeeeiiiiieees right now. or as arek would say….’the shivers’. anyway, this wolf spider was sooooo big that i screamed for ron and when he came out, he grabbed me and hugged me and we jumped up and down screaming and getting the shivers. even ron was totally scared. okay…i feel like stuff is crawling on me now. then the other day, ron was taking a shower and 2 sets of little antennae (spell) were lurking out of the shower covers. oh my god…what is that????? he had to take a shower with the bugs. he poured shampoo down into the covers and expected that to do something. all it did was give those roaches clean antennae. uuuughhhghgh. my heart is skipping beats. we live with these creatures.

alright, i’m scaring myself. soooo today was one of those days wheni couldn’t stop eating. maybe fear and shock of snake skins make a grown woman hungry….who knows. first it was mexican (i don’t know who ate more…me or zoey), then it was fruit salad and 3 blueberry muffins!!! 3 glasses of milk and now…yikes…4 choc. chip cookies. no, i’m not pregnant. make it stop. i better eat it all before that mean old snake, huge spider and stop traffic salon hair roaches eat everything!!!

anyway…enough about my mid-life binges. i am excited about this upcoming week. we are headed to fredericksburg, texas for a mini family vacation!! i hear all kinds of good stuff about fredericksburg. it was founded as a german town (me thinks) and has tons of that heritage and history still there. lots of wine tasting, brauts, beer and my favorite…..SHOPPING. all my favorite decorators are from texas and many from the hill country. i’m excited to see why they get so inspired by it all there. looks like an exceptionally beautiful place!! must admit…..i like texas. i get the texans. i understand why they say “don’t mess with texas”. it makes sense to me now. but these texans can have their critters…..take them…please.

i managed to sneak away today for a trade day show not too far from here. i found a vendor that likes trinkets and i managed to fill a box with a bunch of little vintage kitch….some mis-matched, some broken, some dirty…but still with their integrity and charm. i filled a box and the vendor said to make him a deal….yikes. i am not good at that. okay…i’ll give you one cow and an old bike tire?????? i bought the box (about 25 pieces) of little goodies and a super cute garden shelf (all green, chippy and crusty) for $20. don’t know if that’s a good deal or not. i offered…he took. i found 2 flower frogs in the madness as well. it was fun just digging. oh….and 3 rusty, mini candle holders that i plan to turn into garden chandies….

PLEASE PARDON MY BRIGHT PHOTOS…ack…don’t know what happened!!!! i will re-shoot some of these cutie pies before i sell them. i love, love, love the little salt shaker!!! i plan to make button flowers to put in it. so sweet. i love the little flower frog. there is a duck planter next to it that is so darling. of course, i am a sucker for those sweet, little girl figurines!!


here are a couple of those tacky, but so shabby cute shell vases. there are vintage and so fun!! love the little kitty. there are matching frog pin cushions that are in the pic too, but hard to see. also a sweet rose vase.


i love these items too…a sweet shabby pink and green swan planter, a little girl, a vintage deer, a sweet victorian style vase, and a neat 1960’s ceramic girl with a big skirt.


metal items to turn into garden chandies.


and of course… fab, fab shelf!!!! it’s already in the garden!! that huge spider is probably going to take it to the other side of the house and move it. found those cute tole flower hangers today too!!!


there are still several figurines i didn’t take photos of. i’ll work that in soon.

ron and zoey managed to go feed ducks this weekend. what a serious bonding time!!!!! hee hee. she kept stepping in poop and running away from the duckies!!!!!



what a cutie!!! those snakes better leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yes, lastly….i found this sweet table at the g.w. last week. i love the blue!!! it was already painted blue and chippy on the bottom. i painted the top a butter yellow. i love it. i hate to say the girl only charged me like $2 for the table, but she did. yay!! it’s solid wood and worth the fast cash. you can’t even buy a pack of smokes for $2.


the pink enamel bowls were some of my Georgia finds!!! i had a fab. vendor i bought stuff from there. he and his wife found the most incredible stuff!!! the tub on the top was $5 and the one underneath $1. arek used to play in them when we lived in georgia. that and those big metal washtubs. i’ll save that for another day……….

better go publish before the wind knocks out my internet and blows the snakes on the roof again. i think that’s how they get up there!!!! the wind just blows them there.



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