ocd, adhd, small world!!!!

okay…no theme today. ever had one of those days where you are all over the place?????? that’s the day i had. what a crazy brain i own. ack. i thrifted, cooked dinner, baked, hung out w/hubby and kids, had a playdate, drove in crazy traffic all morning, and the craziest….i upgraded my booth!!!! yikes!!! i went BIG!! will take pics when it’s somewhat in order!! i hope i make rent and then some. my poor, poor husband. has to live with my OCD, my ADHD, my crazy, mixed up brain, my ever changing junk displays and my loud, excessive talking, my vintage linen hording, my 20 gallons of oops paint, my ever exploding pile of goodwill finds on the backyard craft table, my vintage prom dresses, my girly, pink decorating and my gray hair. i feel sorry for him….NOT. he knew what he was getting into when he married me 20 years ago! well, maybe not the gray hair part. hee hee.

anyway, i will have to slow down on the blogging a bit. the new booth is going to take up a lot of time. won’t be able to blog everyday…may have to skip a few days. keep coming back to check, but my apologies if i can’t post everyday. life gets in the way!!!! that’s what my crazy friend ‘viv’ used to say. if you are out there, gurl, i miss you!! lol!!

anyway, my creative son said…”mom, i want to take pictures of your vintage stuff”. well, the first one he shot was great!!!! beautiful ceramic roses….that i can’t say about the 7 other ones he took of my window screen. hmmm….little boys!!!


before he shot this great photo, we decided to make peanut butter chewies for cub scouts tomorrow. well, miss zoey had her hand in the choc. chips….yikes……she got out of control!!! chocolate always make a girl HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY………………….

zoey chol

and if that isn’t manic enough….what is this picture about????? where is the junk in my trunk? do not wear your husband’s shorts anywhere but the kitchen!!! repeat….no big shorts anywhere but the kitchen!!!! ack!!! those people in that what not to wear show would quit their jobs. they would be mortified!! it looks like someone steamrolled my ass. YIKES!!!! they say the camera adds 10 lbs, but i didn’t know it added 10 yards of horizontal nylon shorts!!!! oh well….zoey is adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

stop laughing

.zoey legs

okay…no theme today. adhd. pic of my inside cabinet. i collect tarnished silver stuff. just a bunch of tarnished stuff….junky and cute.


silver 2

don’t know what tarnished silver has to do with the theme of the day…oh wait…no theme…ocd.

a few shout outs…..marta….thanks so much for the fabulous quilt topper!!! love the colors, love the fabric!!!! you are too kind.


and another shout out to a new fellow blogger carol….i love blog world. it brings all the fellow junkers together in one place…gives us unity and enables us to justify our love for all things old, tattered and charming. carol found me thru another blogger…vintage sue from vintage rescue squad…(she was a vintage sue before i was and she totally inspired me to start this blog) and informed me she’s a fellow texan and lives close to me!!! what a small world! when you have time, check out her blog oliveoyl in my blogroll..oliveoyl64.blogspot.com/. she finds crazy, cute stuff cheap!! inspiration city!!! thanks carol….happy vintage hunting!




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2 responses to “ocd, adhd, small world!!!!

  1. Cindy

    I didn’t laugh at all about how the shorts look, but laughed out loud about how you went on and on about how they looked. Honestly, the blue shorts bring out Zoe’s blue eyes even more than usual–if that is even possible to bring out those eyes more.


  2. I collect tarnished flatware too. I started buying it and making windchimes out of it and old junk. After I got tired of the chimes, I couldn’t leave the homeless silver behind when shopping. In fact I picked up about 20 pieces this morning for $1. I haven’t had mine out on display, but you are giving me inspiration on how to do just that.

    I told my co-worker friends that I had found a junker buddy close enough to actually go shopping with. They just rolled their eyes. Like I need partner in crime. 🙂

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