project day…GREAT trash find day!!!!

it was a super nice day today and i got a lot of projects knocked out. since i’m not selling well this month yet, i’m hoping some cute projects will kick start the new dawning of the BIG booth or the age of aquarius…..which ever comes first. speaking of hair (the musical, not the stuff on your head), are you all following idol??? yes, i should be following the election trail, but instead of watching debates, i am going on a date…with my television on tues, wed, and thurs nights with american idol. love the talent this year!!! rock on guys! anyway…back to projects…ADHD
i painted my little trashed picked table a creamy pale pink color, painted a cherub candle holder, glued a broken angel to a unworking clock face, painted a ugly brown candle stick creamy easter colors and added some prisms, and made a mosiac peg board….talk about cheap!!!!
proj 1
close up
close project
i managed to make a cottage sign as well, paint a standing lamp, make a neat sign with just fabric and wood, paint some canister covers and paint a trash picked bucket pink. i hear the sandford and son theme song somewhere faintly in the distance…..
also….FIND OF THE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love this…chippy metal chairs and table. found in my neighborhood..ROADSIDE….yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, the theme song is getting louder now!!!! i had to bring this home in sections. 2 chairs at a time (in the nice family car), and then use ron’s big truck for the table. i looked insane…bed head, no bra, scary sweat pants and fumbling thru someone’s scary, rusty trash at 7oclock in the a.m. the middle school kids were looking at me like i was an old lady out of her mind (hey wait…i am!!) good news….i beat the lady (my big competition this morning) with the LARGE, green truck that was nabbing up anything she could get her hands on. she would have spilled boiling, hot coffee on my old, dried out hands to get this fabulous, shabby dining set. i just know it!
the table needs work…some of you would say the entire ensemble (spell) needs work, but i love the chippy, peeling paint and rust. okay, so our drinks will spill when we try to set them on the table top that isn’t there, but that’s the glass cutter’s job. it wouldn’t cost that much to get glass cut for this top.
close up of one of the chairs….picture a cute, cottage roses chair pad on this.
alright zoey, stop chewing on the chair. yikes.
okay…i also have some pics of stuff from yesterday. i found this cute red can for 50¢ and decoupaged this awesome copy of a vintage book page on it.
cute storage idea.
also…found this AWESOME storage dresser with faded, vintage rose wallpaper. got it from one of my favorite booths at Crafter’s Corner. it’s the white elephant booth. check it out!! the girls that run it have great prices. this was a steal at $6.50!!!!! thanks ladies!!! now i have more storage for my collage goodies!!!
close up of the lovely, faded wall paper!!! SWEET!!!!
close wall
oh know…i hear wind. not again!! my next door neighbors screens blew off her windows, because the wind was soooo strong yesterday. hey, maybe someone’s cool trash will blow in my yard!!!


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7 responses to “project day…GREAT trash find day!!!!

  1. Cindy

    Angel on the clock is absolutely wonderful! The lady in Germany with the tan aerostar would have spilled anything on you to get that metal table and chairs. How about cushions out of that blue with pink roses fabric you found awhile back? I’ll make them when I move there this summer.

  2. ooooooh, love all the goodies you re-created.

    I am so glad you beat the competition to that table. It is home where it belongs.

    Hard to believe we had almost 80* weather today and it will be 40’s, and rainy tomorrow.

    Did I read they have bulk pick up at F.H., or is it just constant picking for you?

    I am coming up, but may wait til spring break the middle of March.

  3. Kaye

    I wish I had your imagination & a husband that would let me decorate with pretties (without the faces)! You did inspire me to finish painting a little table that I’ve been putting off finishing & I pulled Christopher’s red wagon onto the porch to put some goodies in!

  4. cheryl mehaffey

    Great finds!! Love the table & chairs, and the wallpaper chest!! Too cute!! I would love to see the table & chairs all decked out with flowered pillows, a vintage tablecloth, a concrete statue & candles on top etc..stop me while I am ahead!! Love ya!! 🙂

  5. Cindy

    Hey Sue!
    We found you! Your site looks great, love all the pictures. We got your box last week. you still have room for another one if you want to send one soon. hope all is going good for you. talk to you soon, Cindy & Candace

  6. Hi, thanks so much for your sweet email. We just to go to Fredrickburg every year for our Anniversary, but haven’t been in several years. I used to love all the downtown shops and there was a Tea Room behind all the shops we went to once, not sure if it’s still there or even remember the name. I’m sure all the places I used to like are gone, like Homestead! If you go let me know what you find. Theresa

  7. Hey, just found your blog. Love the table! I found one across the street with chairs too!

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