spring today…gone tomorrow


hey all…found a box of my lovely, lace cutters and made a little photo collage. something to celebrate the great weather today. okay….so it was like 80 degrees out????? now it’s going to be super cold and probably windy tomorrow???? i love texas. anyway, that means i had a chance to take a few more pics of some projects that i hope inspire you!!! now that i have the big booth, i have to FILL the big booth. yikes!!!! okay, okay…i have tons of crap (oh, i mean treasures) in my house that my hubby would love to see leave. if that’s what it takes to do business…then that is what i’ll do.

i made a cottage sign redo from a old sign i painted over, painted pink lids for two sets of glass containers, just glued a long piece of great roses fabric on a discarded board (really, that’s all i did) and drilled holes in it and hung it up and glued some cute illustration to a discarded mop bucket painted pink. i hear that sandford and son song again….




hey, one person’s trash is another person’s other person’s former trash if you think about it. it’s what you do with the trash that makes it a treasure. what????? swear, no alcohol. anyway, here are a few pics of the booth. it’s pretty empty right now. just getting started. i need bigger pieces to fill in the gaps. i have a ton of room!! i’m super excited.

booth 1

both 2

it is a little junky right now…no real focal point, but that will evolve. besides, i like a messy booth. makes it seem like you might find a treasure!!

i took a few more pics around the house today. i displayed some linens on my grandmother’s table that i moved to the hallway. i found this group of linens for almost nothing about a week ago! they are stained and a bit tattered, but i think that makes them more charming.


i love this next photo….this little lady is one of the most favorite vintage items i have. don’t ask me why???? i found her in a garbage heap (a BIG garbage heap) in geogia. she’s part of a pair of matching bookends. i only found her. she’s tattered and old and so beautiful to me. she’s sitting a great, chippy table i found in germany (junking of course) and the old books were germany finds too.


here is another photo collage with my old lace and gloves and such.

spri 2

and of course…what’s a spring day without a popee. that’s what zoey calls a lolipop and a little jar of bubbles…

zoey pop

okay, i have some more pics of the kids, but this computer is moving slow tonight….ack.




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2 responses to “spring today…gone tomorrow

  1. cheryl mehaffey

    Hey Sue! Your booth looks awesome! I just love that sarcastic look on zoey’s face…Like, “What are you taking my picture for this time mom?!” She is adorable!! šŸ˜‰

  2. My garage turned to one big craphole and I can’t wait until I get it re-organized so I can find all my goodies. You are inspiring me!

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