snowy day……sunny day…….

okay, so it snowed in texas last night. what is that about??? and now it’s gone of course because it got in the 60’s today. craziness. i froze while i dug thru the bins today, but i guess it was worth it. therapy…cold or not, good stuff or not. i found a couple of cute things. some cute linens and some other lace stuff that i gave to a 9 year old friend of arek. she went nuts. what is it about kids and junk. so many of the kids i’ve met love to dig thru all my little vintage goodies and junk. go figure.

okay…we are all sick again, but that is not slowing me down! i found a great antique mall about 25 miles away and bought some great things yesterday. i let arek stay home sick, but we went out for a drive to let zoey sleep. i found some cute stuff!!! quilt hearts, linens, little what nots and the coolest shabby blue mirror!!!! only $20!! arek found a fab, retro bow-tie. so cute!!!!!


i took 5 of these hearts and hot glued them horizontally across a painted board. it made like a little sign/banner. i drilled holes in the board and put a wire thru to hang it. i think it turned out cute. a super, quick project that has a lot of impact. it’s in my booth now. i also think these hearts would look super cute just glued to a cast off pillow. cute, cheap and quick…..just like i like my food and my men…haa haa. what men? i can hardly handle the one i have. hell, i can hardly see him anymore my eyes are getting so bad.


mantle pics with the new mirror. love the mirror!!! some of the blue is flecked off and there is the shabbiest pink paint peeking thru . the mirror is all mottled (is that a word?) and it’s heavy and beveled. think it came from an old dresser. would LOVE to have the dresser.



i’m loving the mirror!!! loving my crazy statue collection too.

i also found this crumbly little angel for $2. i love her!!


here is arek sporting his new bowtie. foxy.




as if that isn’t enough….there is more!!! found this handsome little dog for $2. love it!!! i found a bunch of little kids vintage toys today at a little shop i dig thru from time to time, but this was the cutest of the little finds. he’s a keeper. at least for a little while.


that’s about it. zoey is asleep for now and arek and i will hang for a bit and watch some tv or read like old people. wait, i am an old people. anyway…have a great weekend!! happy yard saleing (is that a word?).




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4 responses to “snowy day……sunny day…….

  1. You are so quick to get your stuff photographed and displayed. I still have stuff in bags and crammed in a corner from 2 weeks ago.

    The hearts would be cute done as a bunting. Know what I’m talking about?

    You mentioned digging through bins. Is this a Goodwill bin store? I looove our “bluehanger” in Austin.

  2. vintagesue

    sounds like fun…bluehanger. will look into that. i have to get my stuff out of the bags fast or my house looks insane!! of course, if you saw my back porch work area, you would say i was a major pack rat. yikes. it hardly ever gets cleaned up!!!
    can you send my your email address?? or did you already. we will have to meet someday and shop!!!
    take care

  3. On “leave a reply” it shows my email addy, but is that only to me, or can you see it too. Says it won’t be published, but I thought the blog owner would be able to see it.

    We are on spring break 17-21. Is there a particular day you go shopping, or just hit and miss. It’s in my plan to come up one day that week.

    Take care,

  4. cheryl mehaffey

    Look at Arek sportin’ his funky bow tie! Go Arek! He’s so silly! We love you! Brittany & Rachel send hugs & kisses xoxoxoxox

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