technical difficulties…….

okay, so i have been battling with my computer. i don’t understand computer configurations and what nots. to make a long story short, my internet sucks. i have to wait forever for connections. sometimes, i get no connections at all. who knows what’s wrong. my husband says it the wind. i think he just doesn’t want to figure out what’s wrong. it could be the cable company’s fault. who knows. anyway, i have been reluctant to post lately. i’m going to try tonight. i haven’t even checked my mail because roadrunner says it can’t find yahoo. who…yahoo, that’s who.

okay….enough about all that boring stuff. dinner pics, project pics and a booth pic are in the works here. ron was soooo proud of his fried pork chops, he made me take a picture of them to post on the blog. okay. yummy. those are my funky mashed potatoes in the background. i leave the skins on and use evaporated milk with lots of butter, salt and pepper!!! we love them that way, but most people don’t like skins on and they whip their taters. not me…i use an old fashioned masher and just serve them up that way. don’t you love my beat up pyrex bowl? can’t have enough vintage pyrex. love it!! why am i going on about this????


on to project time. i found this frame at a yard sale for like 50 cents. it’s probably from the 1940’s. i glued some vintage wallpaper in it and glued 2 little art photos to it. i used a broken crystal necklace to hang it….voila….paris apartment!!!!!!!


okay…quick, easy project. i love to make gift bags from brown paper sacs. i haven’t had the time lately to make them in bulk. i found these great, heavy sacs (about 30) at the g.w. last week. i fancied up 3 and just hung them up as a visual at my booth. something inspiring and funky to look at. they are like tacky, paris apartment. hee hee.


booth sacs

i just hung them from little black clippies. they just sort of dangle down and look interesting.

that’s about it. nothing to report really. today was a reflective day. i realized that i have sooooo much to do and i haven’t done it. i have grocery shopping, car maintenance, people to call about stuff, tons of laundry to do, presents to buy for folks, and the list goes on. i get so overwhelmed, i just listen to led zeppelin and make crafts instead. denial…….





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4 responses to “technical difficulties…….

  1. Michele

    Denial is a fabulous place to be…..we’d loose our minds otherwise 🙂
    I’m so envious of that metal table & chairs you trash picked! We can’t find any good trash in Columbus anymore….*sigh*
    miss ya!

  2. I so love the pic you made and OMG…love the old necklace hanger. What a cute touch! I am tagging you to write a six word memoir. Come over to my blog to check out the rules.
    Enjoy! Mandy

  3. scat

    I love your blog! A friend just sent it to me today. What a great idea for a picture hanger, to use an old necklace.
    The flea markets sound like so much fun!

    Fun blog!

  4. LOL…I make the same mashed potatoes…only my sons have called them Mom’s ugly potatoes since they were little guys! Only difference…i serve ’em in the Pyrex bowl, but mash ’em in the pot…took me forever to find a full set of those bowls, and I would surely cry if I broke one… also love what you did to the frame…a little glitz can do wonders!

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