tag…i’m it!!!

okay….so i’ve been tagged by Mandy (Herb Girl Mandy. she’s in my blogroll. check out her site!!! cool vintage musings!!!) to write a 6 letter memoir and then tag 5 other fellow bloggers to do the same. well, i’m too dumb to make links with this blog thing. ack. sorry mandy!!! i only know 3 fellow bloggers….the ‘original’ vintage sue (yes, she came up with it first!!! she’s at vintage rescue squad), my fellow texan friend Carol at oliveoyl64 and my friend Cheryl at Pink Obsession. they are all in my blogroll. you all can give this a try and tag your blogging friends if you’d like!!!!

anyway, i racked my little tiny brain trying to come up with some grand saying. that didn’t work. i thought about some mantra or maybe something like haiku. that didn’t work. i decided it’s not a mantra, it’s a memoir. that made it easy. i decided to keep it simple.

this is what i came up with…….


i like vintage things, and if you think about it….everything we do becomes something vintage at some point anyway. this photo of me and my brothers is almost 40 years old. it’s vintage and it’s a memory. most memories of my brothers of are them picking on me and me provoking them to do so, but here we are on the back of a car acting civilized for one frozen moment….happy and sane. hee hee.

okay…someone else go tag someone!!!! have fun…..




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3 responses to “tag…i’m it!!!

  1. I will come up with something, but don’t how long it will take my brain to thunk it up.

  2. lisa nichols

    I love the picture of you and your brothers. You haven’t changed a bit. i showed it to sandra also. Zoey is so cute. I wish yall were here so we could play with our girls. Atleast you didn;t have all the bugs and snakes and spiders here. Have fun on your vacation. Can’t wait to see what you buy.


  3. Sue, I knew that was you before i read the caption/paragraph, always check out your site when i need a pickmeup, tanks, bt.

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