there is a snake in my boot!!!!!!

so the theme of the day…..snake eyes (or should i say snakeskin)!!!! i was on my way out the door today to go on a junking expedition with zoey and…voila….ACK….no, this is not an obscene picture…it’s a SNAKESKIN!!!!!


it was dangling over my head like an old cobweb in the corner. yikes. where there is a snakeskin, there is a OKAY….SNAKE. he is probably lurking in the laundry room right now…eating my chocolate chip cookies and waiting for me to do a bleach load. i can’t live this way….all these critters. when i first moved here, i thought i saw a cat in my front yard, but it was a FOX and it was right by my window looking at my plants or stalking us to eat us. then i was doing some yard work last summer and the HUGEST spider in the world crawled out from the plantings. AAAAAAHAHHHH. a GIANT wolf spider!!!!! he was sooooo big and old, he was missing 2 legs. i’m getting the heebbbeeeiiiiieees right now. or as arek would say….’the shivers’. anyway, this wolf spider was sooooo big that i screamed for ron and when he came out, he grabbed me and hugged me and we jumped up and down screaming and getting the shivers. even ron was totally scared. okay…i feel like stuff is crawling on me now. then the other day, ron was taking a shower and 2 sets of little antennae (spell) were lurking out of the shower covers. oh my god…what is that????? he had to take a shower with the bugs. he poured shampoo down into the covers and expected that to do something. all it did was give those roaches clean antennae. uuuughhhghgh. my heart is skipping beats. we live with these creatures.

alright, i’m scaring myself. soooo today was one of those days wheni couldn’t stop eating. maybe fear and shock of snake skins make a grown woman hungry….who knows. first it was mexican (i don’t know who ate more…me or zoey), then it was fruit salad and 3 blueberry muffins!!! 3 glasses of milk and now…yikes…4 choc. chip cookies. no, i’m not pregnant. make it stop. i better eat it all before that mean old snake, huge spider and stop traffic salon hair roaches eat everything!!!

anyway…enough about my mid-life binges. i am excited about this upcoming week. we are headed to fredericksburg, texas for a mini family vacation!! i hear all kinds of good stuff about fredericksburg. it was founded as a german town (me thinks) and has tons of that heritage and history still there. lots of wine tasting, brauts, beer and my favorite…..SHOPPING. all my favorite decorators are from texas and many from the hill country. i’m excited to see why they get so inspired by it all there. looks like an exceptionally beautiful place!! must admit…..i like texas. i get the texans. i understand why they say “don’t mess with texas”. it makes sense to me now. but these texans can have their critters…..take them…please.

i managed to sneak away today for a trade day show not too far from here. i found a vendor that likes trinkets and i managed to fill a box with a bunch of little vintage kitch….some mis-matched, some broken, some dirty…but still with their integrity and charm. i filled a box and the vendor said to make him a deal….yikes. i am not good at that. okay…i’ll give you one cow and an old bike tire?????? i bought the box (about 25 pieces) of little goodies and a super cute garden shelf (all green, chippy and crusty) for $20. don’t know if that’s a good deal or not. i offered…he took. i found 2 flower frogs in the madness as well. it was fun just digging. oh….and 3 rusty, mini candle holders that i plan to turn into garden chandies….

PLEASE PARDON MY BRIGHT PHOTOS…ack…don’t know what happened!!!! i will re-shoot some of these cutie pies before i sell them. i love, love, love the little salt shaker!!! i plan to make button flowers to put in it. so sweet. i love the little flower frog. there is a duck planter next to it that is so darling. of course, i am a sucker for those sweet, little girl figurines!!


here are a couple of those tacky, but so shabby cute shell vases. there are vintage and so fun!! love the little kitty. there are matching frog pin cushions that are in the pic too, but hard to see. also a sweet rose vase.


i love these items too…a sweet shabby pink and green swan planter, a little girl, a vintage deer, a sweet victorian style vase, and a neat 1960’s ceramic girl with a big skirt.


metal items to turn into garden chandies.


and of course… fab, fab shelf!!!! it’s already in the garden!! that huge spider is probably going to take it to the other side of the house and move it. found those cute tole flower hangers today too!!!


there are still several figurines i didn’t take photos of. i’ll work that in soon.

ron and zoey managed to go feed ducks this weekend. what a serious bonding time!!!!! hee hee. she kept stepping in poop and running away from the duckies!!!!!



what a cutie!!! those snakes better leave her alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yes, lastly….i found this sweet table at the g.w. last week. i love the blue!!! it was already painted blue and chippy on the bottom. i painted the top a butter yellow. i love it. i hate to say the girl only charged me like $2 for the table, but she did. yay!! it’s solid wood and worth the fast cash. you can’t even buy a pack of smokes for $2.


the pink enamel bowls were some of my Georgia finds!!! i had a fab. vendor i bought stuff from there. he and his wife found the most incredible stuff!!! the tub on the top was $5 and the one underneath $1. arek used to play in them when we lived in georgia. that and those big metal washtubs. i’ll save that for another day……….

better go publish before the wind knocks out my internet and blows the snakes on the roof again. i think that’s how they get up there!!!! the wind just blows them there.




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2 responses to “there is a snake in my boot!!!!!!

  1. Michele

    Hey Sue….the fab vendor couple you had in Georgia….was that Gloria and her husband? God we all miss them and that place….

  2. EEEECCCKKKKK! I would have died on the spot as my one great fear in life is snakes. OMG!!!!

    You did a super job on the memoir. Super! Also I so love the pink metal bowl. I remember my Grandma using enamalware so I love to pick some up whenever I see a cute piece.

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