ack…photo attack. what a handful!!!!

V A C A T I O N ! ! ! !


this week has been a handful!!!! hey all…..just got in from a mini vacation to Fredericksburg, Texas. can anyone say cutesville USA????? guess they put the ute in cute….what a charming town!!!!! if you are ever in texas, check it out!!! EXPENSIVE, but cute. we stayed in a b&b above a bakery….lovely…and good baking aromas in the morning. zoey and arek were wild both nights and probably drove the other folks staying there nuts, but we had fun anyway. oh…and there was cable for american idol!!! we ate a lot of german food, listed to live music, shopped, walked, laughed, screamed at each other, slept, rested, and walked….A LOT…above is a picture of us on Enchanted Mountain to prove it. we climbed up a HUGE granite mountain….in the wind….ron with zoey in tote both ways….ron talking on his cell phone the entire time both ways…..ack. anyway, we made it. here we are at the summit. it was a fun day…..

the first day we were there though…i had a chance to sneak away from the kids and ron and check out a store i’ve been reading about for a loooonnnngg time. it’s called HOMESTEAD owned by Carol Hicks Bolton and her husband. you texans know it. anyway….very upscale antique store with the most amazing chandies designed by Carol Hicks Bolton…big bell shaped chadeliers that swoop down with shiny fabrics and lots of trimmings….soooo cool. i had a chance to snap up some shots of the store and meet her husband. i acted foolish like i’d just met brad pitt. how silly i can be. i managed to snap several pictures of the goodies i totally couldn’t afford. the back part of the store is filled with shades of white, chippy craziness…layers and layers of old, crusty statues, furniture, mirrors, and dolls…other stuff too. just incredible!!!! pillows gallore…way too expensive for me, but i can imitate and make some of my own stuff after getting ideas from the vendors. i have a bunch of pics for you to look at………..A BUNCH OF PICS….OH STOP.


love this layout. just wild!


shabby lamp with tulle just draped around a shade frame.


love how this mirror is tied up with wire and layered over another picture.


here is a bell shaped key chandie made from old wire, keys, locks and old lamp parts. so funky and HUGE!


a lightbulb chandie….made from lights, ribbon and old lamp parts. you have to see this thing for real to really appreciate it’s beauty!!


a fab old birdcage, chippy green and pink together…love it.


this chandie is fab!!!!! it was a big focal point walking up the stairs into the upper gallery.


love these crusty old dolls. very expensive, but very cool looking in this crate. like they are riding the freight elevator to a punk rock party.


i went nuts over this lamp!!! it’s wicked expensive, but i plan to make something close to it soon.


this vendor was my fav. incredible shabby, pink things.


so sweet.


love this ticking pillow. it was super $$$$$. i plan to make some like it.


love this wreath made from mismatched s&p shakers. says ‘you are the salt of the earth’. how adorable.



i went nuts over these porcelain flower. they were all in a grouping and just looked fantastic.


this is my favorite. i love this photo holder from france!!


just fab old neat stuff!!!!!!!

okay…more family photos……………….


arek on the mountain next to a little stream of water.


zoey on the mountain next to a texas cactus flower. she’s acting like it might attack.


zoey pic at a wild, zoo fari tour. we took a tour on 365 acres of exotic animals….HOW FUN. this was next to the petting zoo. it was scary. one of the deer like animals chewed my shirt for like 5 minutes and wouldn’t let go. arek was crying hysterically to get out of the fence while a llama was being somewhat imposing and nosey. yikes. i’m such a city girl. don’t know nothing bout no wild animals.

here she is on the tour bus with ron.


okay…different date…pics before our trip. here is a darling one of arek and zoey during an ice cream snack attack.


and here are some pics of my latest projects. i plan to hit the booth maybe saturday. we’ll see. it’s been a crazy week. handfull. i found a GREAT thrift store in fredericksburg. crazy cute floral plates, milk glass, old doll, the sweetest pale pink shabby basket, old planter, tons of roses on the dishes, etc….shabby, cute, cottage!!!! good prices!!!

i will put in booth and snap some pics. soon.


found this file box for $1 in a junk store. it was brown and UGLY. i painted it lavender, added some cute cutouts, put a porcelain rose knob on it and decoupaged a cute rose napkin on it too. i think it’s darling!


made some cute button flowers for my sweet little salt shaker. love the virgin mary night light.


found this sweet photo for $1 in an antique mall. i think it’s super cute.


what is a princess without her crown???? a sweet little princess without her crown crawling on my table!!!!!!!


that’s enough for one day…..whew……this post is a bit all over the place. that’s how we’ve been this week….all of us….all over the place. what a handful!!!!! hope you enjoyed.




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3 responses to “ack…photo attack. what a handful!!!!

  1. Cindy

    WOW! Great photos. That bell shaped chandie with keys….they have the same bell at the post thrift shop for $12. I have been waiting for it to go n sale but I think I need to get it TODAY. What is the pink circle thingy behind the double photo holder from France. Way cool.
    Thanks so much for sharing these. Inspirations for days!

  2. I have lived in Tx all my 43 yrs. and NEVER climbed Enchanted Rock. Drove by it and waved. 😦

    Can’t wait to see what you create from the ideas you gathered. Where did you find the rose knob that you put on the box?

    I am repainting and redecorating and will post on my blog WHEN I am done. Trying to be good and NOT bring anything else in until I use what I have first. Yeah right!

  3. Cheryl in California


    Love your blog! The pic of your children eating ice cream is adorable. Your reaction to meeting Carol Hicks Bolton made me laugh…my mom reacted the same way when she met Susan Branch at her store in Arroyo Grande, CA. She was a little star struck and tongue tied! LOL

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