quick project!!!!!!

okay…i whipped up a funky, shabby candle stick project that takes almost no time and costs almost nothing!!!!! i bought a bunch of random ‘junk’ at g.w. today and decided i could make something from it. i hate to see it just get tossed. i love to find those goofy home interior’s glass candle holders. they work on just about any old candle holder. i also use junk ‘tea cups’ for candle holders as well.


i just took a bunch of random, boring brown wood candle sticks and a few of those home interiors glass candle holders and glued them together. i painted them out to match…a light violet/lavender color…sanded them lightly and used bead/glass glue to glue them together.


i also had some random glass candle holders and one glass coaster. i just shabbied it all up and they are ready for some tea lights and a great display!!!! here is another view of the finished project. they would look really elegant with some pearls glued around them or some tulle around the bases off all three candle sticks.

don’t know if you’ve checked out this month’s issue of country living yet, but there is a project section with old doilies that i adore!!!! such cute stuff….

here is the website. with the help of my hubby, i can now make a link!!!!




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