meltdowns and freebies!!

no, i don’t mean chocolate bunnies…..i mean zoey!!! 5 meltdowns today. 5. FIVE. 10-5=5 meltdowns. foreshadowing…..future meltdowns. yikes. can i handle it? she couldn’t have my keys, then she couldn’t eat the soap, than she had to get out of the tub. oh….wait…you mean you don’t want a diaper on? okay….poop attack on the floor? i don’t think so. oh, yes….it’s cold, but we can’t sleep without any clothes on again. PUT ON CLOTHES. no, take off clothes. oh yes….then there was the car seat magician escape meltdown. yay. i can’t wait until she’s 2. i won’t leave the house. sigh. oh these are the little battles. i will miss her sweet meltdowns when she dangles the car keys in front of my face and asks me if she can wear my earrings. i won’t know the difference between the two. i’ll be too old to see. hell, i’m too old to see right now! love you little girl.


okay…enough about toddler meltdowns. time for the fun stuff. projects and new booth pictures!!! but before that…what is up with that GREEN house giveaway on HGTV. don’t those home interior designers know it’s chic to shop cheap. duh. thrift was in way before GREEN….that yuppie buzzword for “oh….you can find cool stuff at thrift shops and recycle in the process?” i understand the need for a home that saves energy and money. that’s fine, but when you put recycle bins in arm’s reach of ‘little fingers’, you will waste energy cleaning up more than you bargained to recycle for. oh yes…and the ‘stocked’ pantry of GLASS jars….that’s safe for kids. okay…maybe i’m jealous, but i’ve been freecycling and recycling for years. i think there is no better way to go GREEN than to use what you have and trade what you need. i don’t need a million dollars to do that. i put too much thought into the show. i’ve probably offended 10,000 people. oh…but i guess i would live in the house if you gave it to me. i’d just move those bins.

okay…speaking of free stuff…trashed picked board made into ‘america the beautiful‘ collage. mixed media….


here is a teacup that was headed for the trash and a candle holder in the free pile recycled as a tea light holder.


i’m so tacky!!! i hot glued (yes i did) some embellishments to these cast off pillows… they include doilies, little quilt hearts and discount xmas ornaments. i liked the ones i saw in fredericksburg so much, i decided to experiment a little and came up with this.


i also have some booth pictures i took today. i got inspired by shopping at GATHERINGS in georgetown, texas and made my own little garden area.


here are some other booth pics…..


booth 5


okay…if all that craziness didn’t blow your mind…here are a few pics of my friend Cheryl’s house. you can find her ebay at vintage soda shoppe. she changes her home displays frenquently and i thought you may be inspired by her new dining room look!!! LOVELY!!! thanks Cheryl.





soooo pretty. thanks again.

oh and mom….I LOVE YOU!!!!!!! now go eat some toast!



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One response to “meltdowns and freebies!!

  1. Where do you sell your wares? I would be drawn to your booth even if I didn’t know ya.

    The boy is gruuuumpy this morning! Didn’t you say you couldn’t wait for the teenage years? OY!

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