shed purge…….

CALLING ALL JUNKERS!!!! CALLING ALL JUNKERS!!!! today was shed purge day!!

i was brave today and tried to organize and clean my shed. okay…what a MESS. ugh…it’s a relief to get rid of stuff, but it’s also quite daunting and overwhelming to think i purged 4 huge tubs of stuff to another crafter and i still managed to have 10 plastic butterflies from the 1970’s. am i going to end up on Dr. Phil as one of those hoarders???? i dare Dr. Phil to come romp in my shed. he would take great delight when i give him a paint brush, some decoupage glue and some old rhinestones and glitter to glue to all my plastic butterflies waiting their turn at a sparkly transformation to shine once again to the world. analyze that.

to make a long, boring afternoon story short, i managed to purge, get sidetracked, purge some more and then get sidetracked again, then uncover more stuff on top of the purged stufff……ffff…f.f…then put stuff in bags, then move it from one bag to the other, then from one box to the other, then in the get rid box, then in the trash…. ugh. i just make a bunch of work for myself. thank god i’m not a turtle. there would be no room in that shell for my 99 cast off frames and 62 mis-matched candle sticks and my 10 bags of unopened glue sticks. i don’t have that many of each, but you get the point!! how many paper doilies can one crafter use????????? i don’t know, but i win the $100 prize.

i managed to find a bunch of emphemera…old cards, post cards, what nots and vintage pictures. i forgot i even had them. they call that something. i got so excited about discovering them again, i made a couple of photo collages.




okay…now that i’ve spilled my secret about my hoarding tendencies, i will bore you with another couple of collage pictures. i made these a few days back with my endless (like you can EVER have enough) supply of trinkets and unique little goodies.

the first one is a happy anniversary collage made from old lace, discard wood, a chalkware angel, old anniversary ribbon, vintage photos, jewels and mill flowers.


the collage below is made from free online art, old cardstock, xmas ornaments, jewels, glitter and paint.wishcollage

it was a long day…cub scouts, errands, i cooked 3 meals today, and don’t forget….SHED PURGE. oh yes…one last thing. arek made me the SWEETEST paris sign from an old shutter slat….LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT. he wanted to make some crafts with my paint pen, so i let him make a bunch of signs……


i love the Eifel Tower…or as arek calls it….the E.F. i don’t know what that ball is on the top. it looks a little like that thing rocky climbs at the end of the rocky horror picture show. OH ROCKY…thanks arek. i love it.

okay…tomorrow we might head out to round top for the big flea market shindig…(is that really a word???). i will snap lots of photos and try to keep the drool in my mouth. we probably won’t go. it’s a rainy forecast. don’t want no wet junk! especially plastic butterflies from the 70s! take care.




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2 responses to “shed purge…….

  1. Pretty collages!

    I agree with having too much stuff………..I’m in the process of redoing a room into a craft room and OMG……..where does all that stuff come from?

  2. Oh, yeah right. I am supposed to PURGE b/f I bring more junk into the house. Well, that didn’t happen, AGAIN. I hit the bluehanger and it is piled on top of the piles that were on top of the piles. Right now I have a path to the computer and I am surrounded by junk that MUST come home with me.

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