where is my paper bag????

okay, okay….so i made my hubby drive me and the kiddos 130+miles with 2 huge boxes of sugary snacks to see what the big deal is about Round Top, Texas and the whole Zapp Hall Warrenton, Texas flea market thingy. OKAY…I GET IT!!! WOW, OH MY GOSH, TOTALLY FANTASTIC. where was my paper bag???? i couldn’t breathe! i was sooooo star struck. so humbled. so overwhelmed with beauty. so taken with junkitis. i couldn’t breathe. everytime i stumbled upon a cool booth, it took more oxygen from my body. by the time we left, i was an ameoba (did i spell that right?).

okay..i took a billion pics. i brought NO cash. i planned to buy nothing because i had the hubby and kids and let’s face it…how much awesome flea stuff can one woman buy with the hubby and kids? i was on a time schedule for each booth. i plan to go back in the fall. i plan to bring cash. i know which vendors i will see. you could spend an eternity at this flea market and still miss something fabulous.

here goes the day in photos for you. enough about me acting like i just sat at a round table at the golden globes.

FIRST STOP….ZAPP HALL in Warrenton, Texas. it’s well known for Carolyn Westbrook’s booth, Uncommon Objects, Dead People’s Stuff and the Junk Gypsies….I HAD A CHANCE TO MEET THEM!!!! i acted like a fool. i was star struck. where was my paper bag?????

here is a photo of Carolyn Westbrook’s Booth. she’s known for her linens and fabulous taste in decorating. i love her style…elegant…so sophisticated, but still very cottage and timeworn. love it!


next we were off to the Junk Gypsie’s Booth, but detoured into this fabulous booth. didn’t get their names, but ohhhhh sooooo oooohhh la la vintage gaa gaa. love it….i needed a bag to breathe in for this booth.




after i drooled over all that stuff, we wandered toward the Gypsie’s booth. on the way, zoey had some fun with some pink flamingos! she’s such a junker.


poor arek…all he wanted to do was sit down!! he kept sitting on things that were fragile and expensive. stop already. he couldn’t stop sitting on expensive chairs and sofa in this fabulous group of booths!!!!



loved this booth!!! it’s Theresa’s booth from Vintage Garden Antiques. check out her blog if you want all the insight into the world of Texas Flea Haunting!!!!!! my my….she will load you with incredible pictures of booth displays and store displays of all her favorite shopping places. she has some really cool garden displays!! i lost a picture of her huge birdcage at the front of her booth filled with all kinds of little vintage goodies. sooo unusual.



then it was off to the Junk Gypsies Booth. if you haven’t had time to check out their website and blog…i have it listed in my blogroll…check it out. lots of inspiration from this mother/daughter duo. they have lots of press and for good reason…really fun vintage, texas, cowgirl, funky, hippie, gypsie style. makes ya want to take off your heels and put on some boots and shop till you drop.


after this, we found a booth i just thought was insanely cute….love the barstool covers made from old hankies. i look extremely vintage in this pic too…especially my gray hair. that’s what having kids when you are 40+ will do.

then it was on to Uncommon Objects.…out of Austin, Texas i believe. what funky stuff!!! really different. really unique and junky cool. love the whole vibe of this booth! got really inspired by their vintage garden flair and unusual displays. also a great website to check out! bag for this booth.





and if that wasn’t enough….i got a kick out of this sign from this booth. it’s the actual name of this vendor’s booth. didn’t have time to check it out, but i thought the sign said it all.

as if i hadn’t seen enough (there are fields upon field of vendors!!!!!), i found this incredible booth. the woman who runs does not have a website or a blog. it’s too bad. she’s amazing and her work is sooooo beautiful and unique and i would love to see more!!! her booth and business are call the Tattered Rose. wow!!! so many inspiring shabby things to look at!! she makes amazing mosiacs, pillows, pins, pendants, altered boxes, etc. fab, fab, fab!!! glitter and girly stuff all the way. total 2 breathing bagger. loved it!




my my….what great things. so sweet. okay….so i found a vendor not as sweet and romantic as this, but more family oriented….with some unusual things that were more on the shabby side. my family laughed at me as i took interest in this pitiful, old doll. had i had $5, i would have grabbed her on the spot. i just didn’t have enough time to react and get her. vendor said he’s been dragging her around a long time. looks like it’s been a really long time.


scary….here is arek and me and zoey all enjoying this booth.



i managed to get thru that booth w/out loosing too much o2. no bag needed there. only to help the poor soul that gets scared of that gacky doll.

after all this, we went into the actual Zapp Hall building (i think. don’t quote me on this one) and found this great vendor. Willow’s Nest. also…there is a website for this. LOVE the subtle, vintage, romantic, european chic style of this booth. lots of hand crafted items here and very, very inspiring.



next, we we headedd off to the other side of the road. went to Cat’s Meow, but didn’t take any pics. i think it was in Campbell’s Hall ( i probably got that all wrong). anyway, it was another hall other than Zapp and almost directly across the street. lots of cools stuff again!! i found this vendor and was inspired by all the bright colors and painted furniture. lots of hand painted signs and teacups and mill flowers glued to everything!!! soooooo cute.


and arek….with all the cool stuff to look at…is drawn to the simple things in a child’s world. after this, he just asked if we could go home. guess he’d seen enough. guess i’d seen enough. guess we’d all seen enough. very, very fun and interesting and inspiring day.

as if that isn’t enough, i have easter pictures of the kids i didn’t upload during easter.




that’s all for now. you all come back…ya hear. and bring your bag with you!!




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11 responses to “where is my paper bag????

  1. Cindy Rongey

    OH MY GOSH! I need a bag or two or dozen too! Can’t believe I will be there in the fall to go along. So are we shopping or selling???

  2. Once again I have lived in Tx all my life and NEVER been to Round Top. I’ve heard you don’t even have to go into RT or Warrenton, just hit the houses on the side of the road. Granted all the REALLY good idea booths will be at the halls and in the fields, but maybe the bargains are had outside of.

    What did you honestly think of the prices? I know you are cheap, but you also appreciate the creativity in others souls.

    P.S. I am gray too. Feeling lazy and forgoing the color.

  3. Sue, I’m SOOOOOO glad you went! I TOLD YOU it was awesome. I can’t even believe you didn’t bring money though.

    You hit most of the most-excellent booths that I recall. I’m putting the fall show on my calendar too.

    Thanks for the vicarious thrills… XOX

  4. lisa nichols

    Just wanted to tell you Zoey’s coat is to die for. It looks beautiful with her blond hair. I would have loved to have been there with you at the flea market. sounds like so much fun. We bought 4 auctioned storage units this week so I know about having tooo much stuff. Its overwhelming. Most of it was furniture so we can put it out on the floor and not in our booth. There were 3 Aqua green kitchen chairs from the late 60’s early 70’s and 2 burnt orange swivel rockers. I thought of you. If I ever make it to Tx you will have to take me there. Don’t worry about the gray, I’m not quite 40 and I have it. it comes with having kids late in life. have fun junkin.


  5. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Oh My Gosh, Sue!! I envy you! I would love to go to Round Top one day! Carolyn Westbrook is one of my favorites! I love all your pictures! I can’t believe you made it through the entire place with no cash!! I would have passed out completely! LOL! At least you live close enough to go back in the fall, I hope you find lots of fun stuff!! By the way, You look great! You haven’t changed much in 3 years! Everyone here says HI!! Love yall!! XOXOXO

  6. Oh heaven! Thanks for posting!
    Jen R

  7. I spy many of my booth pics, thanks for posting. Next time you are out at the shows, please stop by and say hello. I’d love to meet you. One of the pics is of my husband standing outside our booth, too funny!!

  8. Hello Sue,

    I absolutely love attending these functions as well. The creativity runs wild!!

    Thank you for all the great close up shots of the Tattered Rose

    Peace Love and Hugs from Above

  9. Debra

    Thank you for the pictures and descriptions. I just found the the Junk Gypsies!!! Then I found your blog….Great…I can hardly wait for Fall to come around so I can go and play…I just moved to Arizona and am having fun with the whole gypsy cowgirl look…

  10. Lisa Emerine

    Hi, my sister-in-law was checking out your blog and noticed a picture of my booth at the Warrenton Show in Zapp Tent. The “insanely cute” booth with hankie slipcovered stools and you and your daughter. Great pic glad you love my stuff – do you mind adding my name in your comments about my booth. It is Harley and Maudes we have been doing the show for 2 1/2 years but will be unable to attend the next show. I am working on a website and can send you that info to post on your site when it is up. Thanks. Lisa E.

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