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sick camera…..

okay….i have a million pics to upload, but my camera went shy on me today and the batteries stopped working. ugh. you would think i would have 10 million batteries laying around. i have 367 paper doilies. why not batteries? i have 26 tubes of crafters glue…why not batteries???? i have 67 rolls of vintage ribbon. why not batteries? anyway…you get my point.

i will work hard this week collecting photos of the GREAT STUFF I GOT from a yardsale this weekend. it was a dream come true!!! a woman sold me three HUGEONGEOUS (yes, that is a word or a prehistoric animal or something i made up.) boxes of vintage gloves, linens, aprons, clothing, vintage lace, ribbon, doilies, silk scarves, baby shoes, a huge flower frog, porcelain roses, vintage dolls, ephemera, baby bling, a little tiny chair, a brooch, 2 vintage hats, a very old purse, wall decor, aaaahhhh and more great stuff for $30. i am still in awe. she told me she has more!!! MORE, MORE, MORE and has been taking stuff to goodwill. NOOOOOO. i hate to hear stories like that. i am going to help her out and take some from her if she calls me. please….call me. we’ll see. i hope so. i dream about stuff like this. she has blessed me (as my friend Marta would say) with great junk. what a gift. what a day.

the kids had fun too. it was nuts. zoey was spilling crackers on the ground and arek was making tornados with vintage scarves while i was filling $1 bags with fab vintage goodies. we were sweaty and loud. it was like a scene out of a john waters movie. what a crack up. customers were stepping over me, the kids and my big giant stroller filled with crap. zoey was barefoot. i’m surprised no one came with a straight jacket and a vile full of zoloft or something. really. my husband is right. disease.

okay…..better go try to publish this. it will take me an hour to figure it out.




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long time coming…..

BONJOUR……theme for the day…week…almost month because it has been 6000 years since my last post…

i’ve been inspired by all things paris for a small section of my booth. i’ve had sooooo much going on lately with life…kids…hubby, etc, that i collectively found so many ‘paris’ like things that were easy to display for the booth. not much project work involved….just imagination and voila……

i love the hotel cups!!! love the little paper weight. love the clock and the fab, chandie lamps!!! i had some leftover linens from europe, so i threw those in as well.

also found a cute little rack that i painted pink. found the rack for $1, but it needed some wire and a coat of paint. turned out cute.

here is a great, little victorian doll house with a cottage sign and some broken angels.

i also love this vintage fruit cake tin and kewpie doll display…..i am a sucker for kewpie dolls. i may take up a collection one day. i think they are darling!!!

i’m loving these old toys. i found them at a junk store close by my house. i think i paid about 10 cents a piece for them. i think they are cute, but they don’t sell that quickly. toys and kids stuff move kinda slow for me. i love it though, so i try to dedicate a little shelf for vintage children’s stuff.

i know i have more photos of stuff…but i can’t find them. i had a good day at the g.w. today…lots of cute stuff!! stuff i think i am going to keep, i had 10 minutes to shop the entire barn. yikes!!!!!! talk about an obsessed fan!!! i was fanatical…..i grabbed like 20 things in 1 minute. like i’d won a huge shopping spree or something. how sad. i get more turned on by 10 minutes of g.w. bin hunting than an entire afternoon at the mall!!! talk about going green. talk about earth day……recycle, reuse, resale!!!!!

oh….lastly…here is a great collage of junk that my son made from crap we found metal detecting. we found a site where an old farmer’s mart used to be. arek and i went nuts picking rusty junk up off the ground and old pennies while my husband stood there stonefaced and mortified!! you can’t just have some good, honest fun anymore.

gotta go….lol


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many thanks……

okay… ladies are great!!! thank you for all your kind, helpful replies!!! good to know i’m not alone. i love that the ‘other’ original vintage sue told me to remind my husband that i didn’t bring any money to round top!! that made me laugh. carol from texas told me my husband suffers from ‘jdgi’ just doesn’t get it disease. ha ha. my friend marta reminded me why i ‘have’ to craft everyday and my friend cindy from germany wrote so much, i haven’t even read it yet!!!! can’t wait!!!! i know she had something totally inspiring to say. thanks to you all….i guess lately i’ve been trying to do too much…like most women….and i’m starting to feel the stress from it. i will try to slow it down a bit. hubby told me i’d have to cut something out of my daily routine in order to manage the stress in my life. okay….how about the ….hmmmmm…….HOUSEWORK!!! guess that won’t do. hee hee

well…in return for all your great advise, i found the cutest books the other day on sale. they remind me of who i am and what i love to do!!!! hope they inspire you as well!

are these not hysterical!!! i just love them. found them in one of my junk store faves here.

okay…it’s super late. wind is blowing like a tropical storm out there, so i need to publish as quickly as possible. i have a bunch of pics to look at today….some projects, some my house, some random stuff….mostly house stuff….little vignettes and whatnots……

here isa little paris sign i made

my ever changing craft supply shelf.

a crazy display upon my ever changing craft shelf.

a collage i made some years back.

my ocd about old silverware….yikes. can’t get enough of that!!! upon my craft supply shelf.

soooo happy to finally find of these clippy things…something musical….to put my french post card on.

a floral grouping w/a 99¢ lemon topiary.

the latest addition to the ‘girls’…love her for $1.80. she’s great!

okay….better go to sleep. i have a super busy rest of the week. may take a few days off from blogging. if you don’t hear from me for a few days, check back after the weekend for more random thoughts and complaints…..hee hee.

you all have a great weekend and thanks ladies for all your support.


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let him eat cake….

okay…it has been a few days since my last post. i’m still very unsure of how to use this new publishing method. guess i’ll never learn if i don’t try!! anyway….i don’t have too much going on. booth is somewhat slow. projects are creeping out to the booth w/o pics. and i’m slowly working on having a back porch once again!!! and i’ve got lots going on with kids and cub scouts, school, back yard play time…etc.

but ladies…tell me i’m not the only one!!! my hubby has been going nuts w/all my pending projects, my blogging, the booth, and general interest in all things vintage and fabulous. what gives???? do they not get it???? he told me i have a ‘disease’ (with my collecting, junking, painting, decorating, booth, etc.). am i the only one???? i feel like telling him….’no honey, a disease is cancer, m.s., aids’…..i don’t have the those things and i’m very, very grateful for that! what i have is a desire and a passion for what i love. that’s it…plain and simple. it gets a little obsessive, a little compulsive, a little chaotic…okay sometimes a lot of those…but that’s normal for avid junker..right???. look at our great composers, artists, scientists, teachers, researchers, civil rights leaders…etc. if they are not passionate and driven by what they do, they won’t survive as the greats. you wouldn’t tell a great writer to stop writing because they have a ‘disease’ for concepts, stories and thoughts. you wouldn’t tell a great designer to stop designing because their visions and hard work are a ‘disease’. i’m more than just a mother and a housewife. i was something before that happened and that is a good thing.

anyway…i could go on and on. the disease comment hurt my feelings, but i love what i do. i love to create. i love to explore and i love to collect and constantly challenge what i can make as lovely and interesting.  it’s fun and i enjoy it. i don’t know where it will take me one day. maybe nowhere…maybe somewhere better than where i am now, but if i don’t try…i won’t know.

i made my husband and family a full course meal tonight and a CAKE… a big giant chocolate cake. seeeee….i can still cook and clean and do things i enjoy too. why not. ughhh…can you tell i’m mad and i’m the maid. women…we wear soooo many hats. but we still have to make cake.

enough about that. i’ll shut my mouth.

okay…so onto better things….i took some pics of a few things around the house. i’ve really been into vintage plates lately. i found one of those cast off retro mag. stands at the g.w. and decided to turn it into a plate rack.

here are a couple of pics of the vintage dishes i found this weekend. i can’t get enough of these things!!! i know, i know…it’s the ‘disease’.

i felt the need to show you this chair. who knows why??? i painted it a creamy white and added the cute pillows. i found the roses pillow case for 50¢ and the other pillow case behind it for $2!! the chair was $9 and it’s super granny cottage for sure!!! don’t you love my gacky, brown carpet???? ugh.

here is the beginning of a doll head collection. i guess i can call it a collection now because i have 4. why are they soooo expensive???? i paid $20 for the big head on the right. $5 for the one to the left of her. can’t remember for the one next to her and 3euro for the paper head. found her in germany. they are all creepy, but so interesting too. figure folks would want to give them away. why do i like them>>>>>>??????? oh yeah….the ‘disease’.

also…found this sweet little sugar bowl for $3. love it. love the purple and green together.

that is about it. i keep forgetting to bring my camera with me to the booth. i found a great dresser this weekend and painted her up. she’s sweet…white shabby dresser with porcelain rose knobs…sweet. i also make a doily lamp. need to get pics of both. will get them when my disease feels better…..NOT. go green and keep junking!!!!!



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projects, rain and dolls … oh my …

okay all, wordpress has changed the way we publish our posts and upload our photos. that’s caused me to reluctantly not post. shame on me for my fear of technology…like an ugly monster under my bed, i’m sleeping with lights on until i figure all this out. i don’t know what i just wrote. all i know is that i have no idea how to publish my postings anymore. i am sooooooo frustrated!!!!!!!!!

i had good intentions to shoot pics of all my estate sale finds, but i’ve sold quite a bit of them. i also wanted to capture some of my projects, but i’ve sold almost all i made as well. yay!!

i did manage to snap a few pics today of a really sweet vintage doll i found for a few bucks!!! also some cute vintage toys i found the other day (including the cute chenille bear and fabric flowered piggy), a collage i made with old cards and some pink pom poms, and from the weekend estate sale….a vintage ticking matress i found for $7, and a super cute, vintage pillow for 25 cents….the old fashion kind with small roses and stains of some sort that i’m trying to overlook because of the cute roses. put some cute roses on anything and i’ll take it!!! even stained pillows from estate sales….scary. my son loves it and wants to lay on it all the time now when he’s resting on the back porch. “stop” i say….there are stains on that pillow. okay….then why did i put it there??????? hmmmm????? he asks. good question. IT HAS ROSES ON IT!!

here is a close up of her sweet face….she is wearing sweet little boy clothes and has a broken arm. i’ll diddy her up and give her some girly vintage baby clothes and glam her up.

here is pic of a loving cup i found at g.w. and shabbied up with some gerber daisies and a vintage style beach picture. i didn’t like the brown base, so painted it out a light creamy pink.

lastly….here is a sitting spot in my b.y. a little sparse, but why not just sit a spell and think about the projects, enjoy the rain and look at zoey play with all her dolls. oh my….who am i kidding!!! i rarely sit down!

that’s it for tonight. when the wind blows here, it knocks the cable out or something and i loose reception for the phone and the internet. better go before it all starts happening like that soon. the wind here is just nuts!!!

oh…..and a shout out to Nancy in Atlanta!!!! Sally says hello!!! hope you are finding some super treasures in my ‘old’ stompin ground! haven’t been to Atlanta in a long time, but i spent plenty of time there years ago!! lots of great junking and antique shopping there!!



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picasso wanna bees…..

alright…i’ve been very busy and not able to post lately. today was no exception on the busy part, but i’ll at least say i had a chance to go to a good estate sale. it was one of those ‘stand in line’ estate sales. haven’t done that in a while. i was feeling a bit greedy standing in line to buy someone elses old stuff after they probably passed away until i saw a million very old people waiting in line too. then i didn’t feel so bad. figured if they wanted to buy stuff from and estate sale, it was okay for us all to be there. i went thru the house 3 times and then arek came looking for me with his cloud tee shirt on and a vintage bow tie clipped to it. the ladies at the check out knew immediately he must have beloned to an avid lover of all things junky and vintage. what a hoot.

i’ll take some pics later of my prizes. i finished up some crafts as well last night….i just haven’t had time to get pics yet.

okay…so it was hot today and i had tons of cleaning to do in my ‘CRAFT’ area outside. scary. i put the kids to work on a project….a painting project….the kids, the sun, the texas spiders and bees and let them hang with the beauty of nature while making some beauty of their own……don’t ask me what arek is wearing. we have a little tiny pool in our yard. arek thought he need his swim vest for a 3 inch pool. guess he’s ready for summer.

is arek eating the paint? i hope not. zoey was so into it, she smeared green paint all over her cute little top and told me ‘no’ when i tried to take the paint away from her. she’s a snake in the grass and a spider and bee in a bush. what? i think i just made that up. i don’t know what the heck it means.

i found some little plaster magnets for the kids to paint and i think they painted the table more than the magnets. glad i’m a junker. i can always find something for free to replace something else i found for free for the kids to play on. what? it’s late. can’t you tell. oh…arek just decided to paint rocks too! that’s really free. go arek.

that’s about all i have for today except some shout outs…… a shout out to my friend michelle in georgia…..HANG IN THERE. half…half…half. i miss your girl. love ya and i’m sorry for all your surrealism and tragedy.

also…amykins….good talking to you and i miss and love you too. to you both….what a long, strange trip it’s been since we’ve rocked and rolled.



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inspiration prevails….

okay, i must admit…i got inspired by all those fantastic booths at Round Top. i also must admit that i’m too cheap to pay lots of $$$ for a look i might not like 5 months from now, so i’m finding cheap ways to change up my living room a bit now that the warm weather is here.

i love the layered look of pictures on top of mirrors with wire. i am also falling in love with white/pinks/pales again. that said, i spent an entire school day rearranging furniture and moving ‘crap’ around as ron would say. for those of you that know me well, this is not unusual behavior for me, but i got nothing else done that day. oh well?? sometimes a girl just has to take some time for herself and enjoy what she likes instead of the laundry and housekeeping. wait, decorating is housekeeping, just like cake is real food. see, i was responsible.

i painted out some $2 mirrors i found at g.w., added some embellishments to jazz them up, and flanked my craft cabinet with one on each side. i rearranged my living room. i painted everything in site the same color of oops paint (very pale pink) and managed to snap some pics of what i did…..




close up of that candle jar filled with little goodies.



this is what i did to the living room. i painted my german pie safe pink and started rearranging around that as a focal point.


here are some other photos of various stuff around the house. here is a cute $1 vintage yellow house shelf filled with cute kitch.


here are some project piles. unsual, but interesting.




here is a cute table display.


and of course…what is a shabby, flea market cottage house without a sweet cat? not my house. here is angus looking rather sleepy. guess he’s figuring a new place to go take a nap.


and what’s a day without a collage…right? here is the latest.


it says ‘friends are two birds of a feather’

hope you all are inspired. okay…it’s 1:30am and i need Zzzzz’s. i fell asleep around 9:30 and woke up w/my contact lenses plastered to my eyes. had to change zoey’s diaper and peel those sticky contacts out of my eyes. now i’m blogging in a daze. must go back to bed. you all take care.



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