inspiration prevails….

okay, i must admit…i got inspired by all those fantastic booths at Round Top. i also must admit that i’m too cheap to pay lots of $$$ for a look i might not like 5 months from now, so i’m finding cheap ways to change up my living room a bit now that the warm weather is here.

i love the layered look of pictures on top of mirrors with wire. i am also falling in love with white/pinks/pales again. that said, i spent an entire school day rearranging furniture and moving ‘crap’ around as ron would say. for those of you that know me well, this is not unusual behavior for me, but i got nothing else done that day. oh well?? sometimes a girl just has to take some time for herself and enjoy what she likes instead of the laundry and housekeeping. wait, decorating is housekeeping, just like cake is real food. see, i was responsible.

i painted out some $2 mirrors i found at g.w., added some embellishments to jazz them up, and flanked my craft cabinet with one on each side. i rearranged my living room. i painted everything in site the same color of oops paint (very pale pink) and managed to snap some pics of what i did…..




close up of that candle jar filled with little goodies.



this is what i did to the living room. i painted my german pie safe pink and started rearranging around that as a focal point.


here are some other photos of various stuff around the house. here is a cute $1 vintage yellow house shelf filled with cute kitch.


here are some project piles. unsual, but interesting.




here is a cute table display.


and of course…what is a shabby, flea market cottage house without a sweet cat? not my house. here is angus looking rather sleepy. guess he’s figuring a new place to go take a nap.


and what’s a day without a collage…right? here is the latest.


it says ‘friends are two birds of a feather’

hope you all are inspired. okay…it’s 1:30am and i need Zzzzz’s. i fell asleep around 9:30 and woke up w/my contact lenses plastered to my eyes. had to change zoey’s diaper and peel those sticky contacts out of my eyes. now i’m blogging in a daze. must go back to bed. you all take care.




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4 responses to “inspiration prevails….

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Great pictures! If I had to pick one favorite vignette, I would have to pick the baby shoe display! You know I have always admired that 3-tiered little display stand! I still love that cottage yellow table too! I see you still have it! So cute! Your house looks so pretty, Sue! Lots of inspiration!

  2. Cindy Rongey

    The cabinet in the DR, is that the one from your kitchen in Champion? I LOVE it with the blackboard paint on the top doors!
    Also love the bright pink curtains/swag in the LR. Can’t wait to see it all in person.

  3. lisa nichols

    I love your house. Looks like you have come a long ways since your little house here in Columbus. You have it decorated so beautiful. But how do you get a military man like Ron to live in a pink house?


  4. I am so loving your style. I collect vintage baby shoes, even have one each(not sure why only one) of my mother’s and uncle’s from the 40’s. The scrolly black picture holders are sweet.

    I am still in the process of getting my decorations back in the dining room and living room after painting. It has been a slooooow process.

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