picasso wanna bees…..

alright…i’ve been very busy and not able to post lately. today was no exception on the busy part, but i’ll at least say i had a chance to go to a good estate sale. it was one of those ‘stand in line’ estate sales. haven’t done that in a while. i was feeling a bit greedy standing in line to buy someone elses old stuff after they probably passed away until i saw a million very old people waiting in line too. then i didn’t feel so bad. figured if they wanted to buy stuff from and estate sale, it was okay for us all to be there. i went thru the house 3 times and then arek came looking for me with his cloud tee shirt on and a vintage bow tie clipped to it. the ladies at the check out knew immediately he must have beloned to an avid lover of all things junky and vintage. what a hoot.

i’ll take some pics later of my prizes. i finished up some crafts as well last night….i just haven’t had time to get pics yet.

okay…so it was hot today and i had tons of cleaning to do in my ‘CRAFT’ area outside. scary. i put the kids to work on a project….a painting project….the kids, the sun, the texas spiders and bees and let them hang with the beauty of nature while making some beauty of their own……don’t ask me what arek is wearing. we have a little tiny pool in our yard. arek thought he need his swim vest for a 3 inch pool. guess he’s ready for summer.

is arek eating the paint? i hope not. zoey was so into it, she smeared green paint all over her cute little top and told me ‘no’ when i tried to take the paint away from her. she’s a snake in the grass and a spider and bee in a bush. what? i think i just made that up. i don’t know what the heck it means.

i found some little plaster magnets for the kids to paint and i think they painted the table more than the magnets. glad i’m a junker. i can always find something for free to replace something else i found for free for the kids to play on. what? it’s late. can’t you tell. oh…arek just decided to paint rocks too! that’s really free. go arek.

that’s about all i have for today except some shout outs…… a shout out to my friend michelle in georgia…..HANG IN THERE. half…half…half. i miss your girl. love ya and i’m sorry for all your surrealism and tragedy.

also…amykins….good talking to you and i miss and love you too. to you both….what a long, strange trip it’s been since we’ve rocked and rolled.




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2 responses to “picasso wanna bees…..

  1. cheryl mehaffey

    Hey Sue! Don’t feel bad about going to estate sales. There are many reasons the family members have the estate sales for the departed. Better to get a great deal from the sale than spend way too much money at an antique store a few days later. Great deals can be found!! I’d love to see what all you bought! Zoey & Arek look mighty happy with their crafts! It’s in their blood already! Oh lord, what have you done??! LOL!!

  2. Michele

    Half, half, half…..Wish we could be at El Vaquero discussing this bizarre surrealism over margaritas and cheese dip.
    Always with ya, girl. 🙂

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