projects, rain and dolls … oh my …

okay all, wordpress has changed the way we publish our posts and upload our photos. that’s caused me to reluctantly not post. shame on me for my fear of technology…like an ugly monster under my bed, i’m sleeping with lights on until i figure all this out. i don’t know what i just wrote. all i know is that i have no idea how to publish my postings anymore. i am sooooooo frustrated!!!!!!!!!

i had good intentions to shoot pics of all my estate sale finds, but i’ve sold quite a bit of them. i also wanted to capture some of my projects, but i’ve sold almost all i made as well. yay!!

i did manage to snap a few pics today of a really sweet vintage doll i found for a few bucks!!! also some cute vintage toys i found the other day (including the cute chenille bear and fabric flowered piggy), a collage i made with old cards and some pink pom poms, and from the weekend estate sale….a vintage ticking matress i found for $7, and a super cute, vintage pillow for 25 cents….the old fashion kind with small roses and stains of some sort that i’m trying to overlook because of the cute roses. put some cute roses on anything and i’ll take it!!! even stained pillows from estate sales….scary. my son loves it and wants to lay on it all the time now when he’s resting on the back porch. “stop” i say….there are stains on that pillow. okay….then why did i put it there??????? hmmmm????? he asks. good question. IT HAS ROSES ON IT!!

here is a close up of her sweet face….she is wearing sweet little boy clothes and has a broken arm. i’ll diddy her up and give her some girly vintage baby clothes and glam her up.

here is pic of a loving cup i found at g.w. and shabbied up with some gerber daisies and a vintage style beach picture. i didn’t like the brown base, so painted it out a light creamy pink.

lastly….here is a sitting spot in my b.y. a little sparse, but why not just sit a spell and think about the projects, enjoy the rain and look at zoey play with all her dolls. oh my….who am i kidding!!! i rarely sit down!

that’s it for tonight. when the wind blows here, it knocks the cable out or something and i loose reception for the phone and the internet. better go before it all starts happening like that soon. the wind here is just nuts!!!

oh…..and a shout out to Nancy in Atlanta!!!! Sally says hello!!! hope you are finding some super treasures in my ‘old’ stompin ground! haven’t been to Atlanta in a long time, but i spent plenty of time there years ago!! lots of great junking and antique shopping there!!




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3 responses to “projects, rain and dolls … oh my …

  1. I was wondering where you went. I went to a huge g-sale this past weekend at Sun City(retirement comm.) and found lots of goodies, but haven’t gotten it all in one place to take pics. At least you are selling as you go, I keep bringing in and nothing goes out.

    I here ya on the wind, holy moly. Today is trash day, so of course the trash can was put out by the street last night. Where was I at 7 a.m. this morning????? Picking up trash from the overturned, windblown trash can. GROSS!!!!!

  2. LOL! Nancy in Atlanta is my Mom! hehe
    She will love that you said hello!! She always asks if I have read your blog lately, and she just raves about everything you do. Nice to know there are “kindred spirits” everywhere.

  3. Nancy

    I found out about your “hello” and comment by my daughter, Carrie, through the “vintage grapevine”…I commented to Sandra, Sally’s mother, about your husband diagnosing you with “junkin disease”…she mentioned it to Sally…Sally asked her mom whether I had seen the “hello”…Sandra called me about the “hello” last night. Really enjoy your blog…it’s saved me a lot of gas and money…I seldom go out junkin anymore! I wish there were places like the Red Barn somewhere around here. Maybe one day Carrie and I will take a roadtrip out west. KEEP ON JUNKIN!

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